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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

I wanted to finish this before my auction but I really have to make the last three days before my vacation trip for my art commissions. X< Oh well, I'll have something to auction/work on when I return. Plus, I made about 4 1/2 plushies in about a week. Thats pretty awesome in itself.  *gleam*



Is that a shiny canvas of Vulpix? :O That would auction off so well!

I have faith! I'm not sure how fast you work on art, but I remember when you did all those plushies in a week. ;D
Good eye! It is a canvas Vulpix! :D So far its the same size as the original, though I know those tails will take time for me to do so I'll end up finishing her when I return from my trip. :3 I know theres a lot of Vulpix collectors, so I thought making her would be a fun one to do and please them at the same time.
The tails do look like they would be a tedious task. D:

I think auctioning her off to the community would make others go NUTS. Like, I know there's some people who would buy her for over your BIN price. I'm sure you'll get loads off of her! <3

Theres a lot of Vulpix collectors that may want a fair chance at bidding on her but what would you have for offer and we'll see.
Ive recently received a Luxray UFO and I might be interested in Jolteon but was wondering if it had its hang/tush tag? *I like my canvas's with the tags*
Oh no! Thats horrible, poor Jolteon! D: I hope you can get Jolt looking new again. <3 And I got your message, can't wait for raichu! Yours will go out soon ^-^ *Needs to find a pika shaped box XD*