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Breloom !


Its's round two for the glorious booty splendors! I had to wait an extra week getting this set of Looms even though I ordered them the same time as my Slakoths. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Now that I got them, its time for another in detail review!

SO.FREAKING.HAPPY. AAAAAH! I can't believe they actually made a brand new pattern for Breloom rather than using an Ampharos or something. Haha. Shape wise he is very accurate. The toes taking up the whole foot is very interesting. They really kept with the original design of Breloom. Rather than sewing two little spikes on the feet. He has exactly six frills around his neck and his neck and head shape is dead on! Just like the Slakoth, I was very impressed with this plush. For being a bootie he's good enough to be a ufo or jakks plush. Again, like Slakoth he is extremely soft and nicely stuffed. 

Though, as adorably cute this plush is it had a bit more flaws than my Slakoth. For starters, I found a couple loose threads on his body that I had to cut off. They also forgot to add black dots within his red shrooms, along with the cream tip of his tail that sits a top the green spores around his tail. Minor flaws and things a bootleg is made of but I'm very forgiving as the plush in its entirety is awesome.

Another thing to point out is his shroom hat is very flimsy and hard to get JUST right. It can get dented very easily and can swoosh upward to the tip of his scalp. If only it was pinned to the edges of his head. Again, a minor nitpick. 


But the biggest thing to know about this plush that made me a little disappointed iiiiis.....
He has a broken neck.
Seriously, when I pulled him out he looked like a duck ready to be cooked. His neck has little to no stuffing. So it's really hard to prop up his head a certain way without it flopping over a few times.

Here he is with Rai showing off how perfect he could be as a UFO catcher. He looks great.  

Breloom with my shroom pokedolls for size comparison.
Final Verdict:  I can't deny they did an excellent job on his pattern. Plump, cute, thin long tail, portionate, soft. Its a grade A Breloom bootie, I have to say. I just wish they gave him a little smile to give him more character like they did with Slakoth. I have a feeling I'll be customizing my double to have a tail tip, black dots on his red shrooms, a smile and re-stuff his neck so that his head stands properly. Other than that he's an amazing plush. I really shouldn't complain because I'm beyond excited to have even gotten a bootie at all and that anyone out there can purchase it. <3 I'm really happy to have giant plush of my favorites to display. They look amazing with my collection. 

Next and hopefully not last, Shroomish!!! Eeeeee! Can't wait!



I totally can, they're all very easy fixes. I'm not bummed at all and absolutely adore my Loom. I think I will try to make a shiny but I might buy a third plush first.
Aah, he looks great! I actually kind of like the flimsy quality of his floom... Looks a little more natural than just being stuffed. Definitely going to have to get him now~
He's worth getting!

My Usako pokedolls mush helmet isn't stuffed either. It just feels stiffer like it has some sort of cardboard in it to make its shape. Thats what I was expecting when I got mine. X3 He's amazing, I know you'll love him!
Ooh, thanks for the reminder to buy one of these! I have a fondness for Breloom that goes back to using one to catch other Pokemon in 3rd gen ^_^