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Breloom No!

BUUUH! I totally missed the Lotto claim list. I stayed up till 2:30am today just in case it went up. I had my Japan time tab open while I waited. Then I thought, well it wouldn't come up for 48 hours at the most. I can sleep. It should be fine until I wake up in the morning for work. NUUUUUU! I fail. It went up one journal away from what I was up for. I'm so worried I won't get the Sylveon plush but considering it's one of the rarer prizes I feel I'd have to look else where for it. I'm number 22 on the list and thats a lot of slyveons to acquire.  =_= I'm not too worried about the pokedoll prizes though. I'm so frazzled today, I have a meeting with Nickelodeon today and I'm a bit groggy from the stake out. I gotta wake up *slaps face a few times* I hope I things go well. Wish me luck.~


Good luck at your meeting!

I think there are somewhere between 1-3 Sylveons per lottery, so it's highly unlikely we will be able to get more than 5. They should be all over YJ though, and people will be buying lots to get the Pokedoll figures.

Summer lotto prizes are always easy to get later though, even the higher rank prizes (the statues) from past years can be easily found on YJ for 2000 yen or less. :)
Aw, really? Wow, the odds are high for these. I had no interest in the pokedoll plush prizes last year so I didn't look into it. I'm usually good at finding items that I've missed out on. I'm just worried the price will sky rocket for it. All of this is good to know. I'll be prepared this July. Thanks a bunch.