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Breloom No!

So, all renovations are done, my stuff is pretty much moved in. BUT! Even though my new room is waaay bigger, I still don't have enough room for my many boxes of plush. It's my fault for buying multiple Eevee sets. So I've weeded out A LOT of items....(mostly Eeveelutions) and this is my result....LOOK! That big box is full of plush! And its so heavy! I also have two big bags of MORE plush and little boxes full of little figures and things. The next step is taking everything out, figuring out what to sell by itself, what to auction, what should be in lots on ebay and take pictures. X<  Good thing its a rainy weekend and I can stay inside without a care. I'm sure I'll take more photo updates.

(Btw, decided to keep all my Jolteons, I just couldn't do it.)

All I wanna do is set up my new Sylveon space...in time.