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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

So last year I was lucky because Sylveon was the star of the Pikachu movie short. SO much merchandise came out of that. Which I'm pleased with. I'm still hunting items from the promotion last year. This year it's the Diancie movie and I thought I'd have a break from collecting considering I only collect three pokemon from Kalos. Sylveon, Hawlucha and Mega Absol.
Sylveon seems to be at a halt right now, which I'm fine with. I can get to all the merch I'm still missing. Mega Absol has been getting merch but only something once a month or so. I can keep up at a nice pace. Hawlucha...I thought would get nothing or an item months between each other but then I saw the new trailer.....

I know Klefki is the star for the new mini movie but what confuses me is.....HAWLUCHA!? What are you doing there!? WHAAAAA!? He's featured in the mini movie!!! AAAAH!!! YES! That's why he's getting a tomy figure and plush in July. YES!
Omg.... I'm curious if he's just a random pokemon they come across or if one of the main crew members catches it. If Ash caught a Hawlucha I'd die from happiness. ;3; I'd know he'd get merch every now and then if that was the case. I don't know, either way. I'm super excited for Hawlucha right now.

They also decided to treat me to Mega Absol being a special featured Mega in the movie. ^U^ So, all the new pokemon I collect from this region are now Movie Pokemon. Mind blown.


@_@ Sableye was in the movie, but nearly no merchandise...gah.

Glad collecting is getting exciting for you though. :D It's always fun to see which pokemon they include!
Yeah, i don't get it. He wasn't featured for a MPC plush or anything but he was in the movie. :/
Pretty much just some stickers and a blind packaged metal charm. ;_; I can dream though...but if you're not getting merch while in a movie, what the heck.
I SAW THE TRAILER TOO AND WAS LIKE WHAAAT??! AS WELL! He's such an odd Pokémon to be featured in such a short but I'm not complaining at all, haha! Since we're both collecting him hardcore we need to look out for rare items for each other!
Totally! I'm sure there will be enough Hawlucha to go around. XD You're the only one who comes to mind when I think of him. He seems to be getting a bit of merch for the movie. Tomy, Tomy plush, mpc. :D I always buy doubles so if you end up not getting something, check in with me. <3
That's really kind of you to offer! <3 If anything we need is ever on Yahoo Auctions I wouldn't mind helping middle manning either (since I have a fromjapan.com account), I just never really offer to do so since I'm in Italy and shipping can be slow and expensive to and from here D: