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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile


Nearly done with spider spark, should have pics for both soon.


sdfalksjhgljkdhgljkhsldkjfhsjkhdf 8O DESUKAAN <333333

Are you going to be auctioning these on the comm? :o I am super interested in Desukaan. Someone linked this picture in chat. XD
Totally am, almost done with the embroidery on spider spark so I should have pics up later tonight. I'm trying to create 5 plush before I auction them off.

These are actually bigger than a pokedoll and Desukan's arms/hands are wired for posing.
Oh man I am so excited to see the fronts of both of them. <3

I did notice in a previous entry you were looking for someone to do a plush trade with. :o I've got one commission almost finished and another that I'm sketching a pattern for. Depending on what you wanted (assuming you were interested) I might be willing. C:
*Why didnt I see this sooner?*

Yeah, I'm looking to do atleast one plush trade with someone but waiting on links to samples from everyone interested.

Do you have a site where I can view your plush? :>


I'm making good progress on my commissions and another plush so I can take on another plush. :D
klajdfklads Desukan and Denchura! These are looking soo good! I can't wait to see the fronts and the others you're planningon working~~~ <3 Your plush is awesome. ;;