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Shock Slakoth Norman





Okay okay, so some things I'm wanting to see in the new games:

*MAY as the antagonist. She is my favorite pokemon girl. I love her in the comics, in the show and in the games. I really hope they stick to her style at least. I know the characters will probably be customizable but Serena still shows in the main design in XY. I just hope May is the default character selection. I hope one of the new features is to have "RED" hair as an option. Is that too much to ask?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game because the main characters dad is the daughter/son of the SLOTH gym. ;3; I can just picture Vigoroths in 3D moving boxes into my house. This is just too perfect. What a way to start the game. ;3;

*Since Norman plays a bigger part in the games and you have to keep visiting him before you actually battle him, it leads me to think Slaking MIGHT get a Mega! Or he better. >:[

I feel they might not have new pokemon for this game, besides Megas of course. So I feel Breloom getting an evolution is out of the question. The next best thing? MEGA!

I'd be happy for ANYTHING new for my babies. ANYTHING. Even if they don't get megas I'd be happy for life if they got an mpc or plush of some sort. They NEED them. ;3; I'm shaking just thinking about it.

Things that should come back:
*I loved the hideouts! Where you can customize your tree or cave with your pokedolls and items. That was my faaaavorite!

Things that they shouldn't bring back:
*Puffins and poke bloks-I wasn't too big on making these. I'd always make them wrong and I'd only want them just to give to my Feebas. If they found a way to revamp this feature I'd be all for it but if its the same, its better off being Pokemon Amie.

*Contests-They need to revamp this as well or put more interaction in it. I maxed out for every ribbon with my Absol but it takes SO long and it becomes tedious. If they find a way to make this more like Amie, I'd be happy.

Possible Pokemon I think will get Megas:
*Mega Groundon/Mega Kyorge are definitely getting one.
*Mega Rayquaza
*Mega Sceptile/Mega Swampert. I know they won't let Blaziken be the only one.
*Mega Deoxys? I feel they might do so for him.
*Mega Flygon-fan favorite
*Mega Shiftry-seems like he might be the wild card like Abomasnow.
*Mega Milotic-also fan favorite

MEGAS I'd want to see:
*My babies of course Mega Breloom/Mega Slaking.
*Mega Mightyena/Mega Linoone
*Mega Sharpedo
*Mega Claydol
*MEGA RAICHU-yes please? Just do it already Pokemon Company.

I haven't been so excited for a game. ;3; This will be so nostalgic for me! I'm just hoping for merch! I should definitely reorganize my Sloth in Shroom collections.


So excited!!! :D I hope breloom gets some love too and beautifly/flygon/lileep/etc.etc. They NEED pokedolls!! More May merch would be the best, she's my favorite too! :D
Flail! I would die of absolute joy if they made Mega Sharpedo. My favourite Gen3 Poke aside from Metagross, plus sharks are just the best. He would make a fearsome mega beast.