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Sylveon Pokemon Time


My babies!! They came out so cute and fast! I just can't....I can't get over them! These are based on my Poke-time art I've made recently! I can't wait to showcase them next time I do a collection post. I was just too excited after seeing them today....I had to share....I'll talk more about them for sure. I'm really happy with all my new customs. I think I only have a few ideas left for Sylveon before I start focusing on Hawlucha. I just hope I can find the right person to do them! My next custom idea is a big'n.

T-minus one week till Sylveon Pokedolls. *U*


ohmaigawsh cuties!! They are just perfect. I'd love a Magnastorm commission but she always posts her slots at about 3am here, so I never get a chance to see them, haha.

Also, all the items are in at Celga! I sent you an email about it, hopefully it should be there. We'll be able to get shipment arranged, hurrah!