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Sep. 16th, 2015

Sylveon Happy Contest Smile


Sup!? My name is Tara.
And this is my Pokemon only Live Journal!
This journal will showcase my collections, wants, ramblings, progress posts, art, sales and my
custom made plush that I plan to make/sell.
It will make things a lot easier for people from the community to find me.

I plan to post awesome pokemon updates here, with new art of my team and collections.
Be sure to watch me for frequent updates!

Please be sure to check out the links below for more info and goodies:

Help lead me to some of my major grails over on my ~Wants~ page!
Click the image above to be redirected.

My Collection Website Can Be Found HERE!

Thanks for stopping by!



May. 8th, 2015

Sylveon Excited

(no subject)

Sorry, I haven't posted in awhile.....still been pretty busy with things.

I saw the spoilers for the Pokemon Anime. AND!

OMG...Serena with a contest Eevee!!!! She catches an Eevee! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it evolve into a Sylveon! THEN my two and only XY collections can both be on the main cast line-up! NNNNNNNGH!!!! I want a doll of her contest Eevee.

The possibilties for new merch. Oh, lordy. I'm SO excited for the I <3 Eevee and Poke-time stuff but having Serena get a Sylveon would allow me to collect merch for Sylveon throughout the movie promos and the end of the year. (Like I need any more Sylveon's...wait yes I do) There's also the Valerie Gym battle with her Sylveon in the future. Sylveon will appear a lot it seems. I'm hoping we get more Hawlucha soon too. Come on, Pokedoll and zukan!

Also, wtf Ash. Your whole team consists of Pokemon who are weak against electric types now that Goodra is gone. Three flying types now? THREE?

The anime is treating me so nicely. First, Hawlucha, Luxray even! And maaaybe Sylveon. heeeeeeeee.

Anyway, no hardcore collecting until the promotions come out in June. I hope there will be more surprises at the pokecen.

Okay, thats all. Bye!

Jun. 20th, 2014

Slakoth pokedoll

(no subject)

Movie Meeeeerch! I'm waiting to see all the movie merch coming out next month. I hope Hawlucha gets a plethora of unannounced things.
The biggest thing I'm curious about is....POKEDOLLS.

So, I see that Pokecen has released a new set of Pokedolls every month since December. (I wish I could say the same for Zukan) I'm just curious who they'll do for the July round. They usually do 3-5 new dolls.

My guesses:
*Diancie-They just made a Pokecen plush but I wouldn't doubt they made a pokedoll for the movie mascot.
*Carbink-I can see them making one but I'm not entirely sure. (Maybe all the variants?)
*Klefki-Mascot for the movie short. This one will have a lot of felt pieces. It probably won't get made considering Sylveon was last years movie short mascot and we had to wait a year for her doll.
*Noibat-Noibat is featured in the movie short merchandise. So hopefully, they give this one a doll.
*Hawlucha-I'm crossing my fingers for this one. Come on, Ash owns one and he seems to be a big player on his team. He's bound to get one. I hope...

*Vivillon line
*Skrelp line-I wouldn't understand why Clauncher got a doll but not Skrelp.
*Spritzee line-Same goes for this one and Swirlix, they're pretty much a set.
*Pumpkaboo line-Maybe for Halloween
*Phantump line-Also for Halloween?
*Flabebe line
*Furfrou-I can see the poodles getting their own promotion
*Goomy-It's going to happen.
*Bergmite line
*Honedge-It would be cute to see a little plush sword
*Binacle line

They're almost done giving most of this gen a Pokedoll. I wonder if this will play through to November and they start focusing on Hoenn Pokemon. I hope some from that Gen get a doll! I'm also curious if this gen will receive CANVAS plush. I'm surprised we haven't seen any yet. I'm keeping my hopes up for a Sylveon.

After the Charizard X/Pyroar zukan set what Pokemon will be next? They picked the swords and Pyroar which I didn't expect. I hope they do more lines that have 3 pokemon. Like Espurr line, Flabebe line, Goomy line, the dinos would be cool since they're so big. Hawlucha of course.

Things are calming down for me collection wise. Sylveon items are far in between now.  I only need a few more things. Hawlucha will keep me occupied but I hope they make some random merch throughout the movie time period. I've been really active with my custom collecting but want to get into official items again.

What are your predictions? What do you wanna see this year?

May. 30th, 2014

Sylveon Pokemon Time

(no subject)


My babies!! They came out so cute and fast! I just can't....I can't get over them! These are based on my Poke-time art I've made recently! I can't wait to showcase them next time I do a collection post. I was just too excited after seeing them today....I had to share....I'll talk more about them for sure. I'm really happy with all my new customs. I think I only have a few ideas left for Sylveon before I start focusing on Hawlucha. I just hope I can find the right person to do them! My next custom idea is a big'n.

T-minus one week till Sylveon Pokedolls. *U*

May. 26th, 2014

Oswald Red

(no subject)

I just bought a Disney Fan Magazine. It's labeled the June issue and showcases a ton of merchandise from the Disney Tokyo and Disney Sea parks.

I've mentioned in the past that some "Mickey Mouse Shorts" merchandise will release sometime in April-ish and so on. Since Mickey has a gigantic amount of merch with many names and promos, it's hard to find "this" version of Mickey.
What is the Japanese name for the Mickey Mouse Shorts? :O
I have no idea how to search for these items.
In this magazine I found the plush dolls I've mentioned in past posts. A lot of the merch from this issue has already been released considering I collect Oswald and I own most of the featured goods.
We haven't gotten any plush or figures for the show so I gotta find these!
I took photos of the pages.
Is there any one out there who could translate and give me a lead on what this set is called, when its released and where I could possibly find it?

My boss hasn't even gotten word about these items. I wish they'd just give them to us. It would make my life a lot easier. XD Oh well.  I really need multiple sets of these. I'm sure most of the crew would want them. Plus, I need that Goofy in my life. If anyone can help with translations that would be sweeeet! I'm so curious to see what else we've missed and if any of my drawing have been featured. Thanks!

May. 22nd, 2014

Sylveon Excited


Screen shot 2014-05-22 at 10.42.12 PMScreen shot 2014-05-22 at 10.42.12 PMScreen shot 2014-05-22 at 10.42.12 PMScreen shot 2014-05-22 at 10.42.12 PMScreen shot 2014-05-22 at 10.42.12 PMScreen shot 2014-05-22 at 10.42.12 PMScreen shot 2014-05-22 at 10.42.12 PMScreen shot 2014-05-22 at 10.42.12 PMScreen shot 2014-05-22 at 10.42.12 PM


May. 7th, 2014

Shock Slakoth Norman





Okay okay, so some things I'm wanting to see in the new games:

*MAY as the antagonist. She is my favorite pokemon girl. I love her in the comics, in the show and in the games. I really hope they stick to her style at least. I know the characters will probably be customizable but Serena still shows in the main design in XY. I just hope May is the default character selection. I hope one of the new features is to have "RED" hair as an option. Is that too much to ask?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game because the main characters dad is the daughter/son of the SLOTH gym. ;3; I can just picture Vigoroths in 3D moving boxes into my house. This is just too perfect. What a way to start the game. ;3;

*Since Norman plays a bigger part in the games and you have to keep visiting him before you actually battle him, it leads me to think Slaking MIGHT get a Mega! Or he better. >:[

I feel they might not have new pokemon for this game, besides Megas of course. So I feel Breloom getting an evolution is out of the question. The next best thing? MEGA!

I'd be happy for ANYTHING new for my babies. ANYTHING. Even if they don't get megas I'd be happy for life if they got an mpc or plush of some sort. They NEED them. ;3; I'm shaking just thinking about it.

Things that should come back:
*I loved the hideouts! Where you can customize your tree or cave with your pokedolls and items. That was my faaaavorite!

Things that they shouldn't bring back:
*Puffins and poke bloks-I wasn't too big on making these. I'd always make them wrong and I'd only want them just to give to my Feebas. If they found a way to revamp this feature I'd be all for it but if its the same, its better off being Pokemon Amie.

*Contests-They need to revamp this as well or put more interaction in it. I maxed out for every ribbon with my Absol but it takes SO long and it becomes tedious. If they find a way to make this more like Amie, I'd be happy.

Possible Pokemon I think will get Megas:
*Mega Groundon/Mega Kyorge are definitely getting one.
*Mega Rayquaza
*Mega Sceptile/Mega Swampert. I know they won't let Blaziken be the only one.
*Mega Deoxys? I feel they might do so for him.
*Mega Flygon-fan favorite
*Mega Shiftry-seems like he might be the wild card like Abomasnow.
*Mega Milotic-also fan favorite

MEGAS I'd want to see:
*My babies of course Mega Breloom/Mega Slaking.
*Mega Mightyena/Mega Linoone
*Mega Sharpedo
*Mega Claydol
*MEGA RAICHU-yes please? Just do it already Pokemon Company.

I haven't been so excited for a game. ;3; This will be so nostalgic for me! I'm just hoping for merch! I should definitely reorganize my Sloth in Shroom collections.

Apr. 28th, 2014

Noivern Hmmm...


So, I'm curious on who will be the next lineup of pokedolls for the following year. I had a feeling Espurr at least would get a Pokedoll after the Pokecen WANTED! promo but the whole line ended up getting them.

So here's the list so far of pokedolls out: Total 24












Meowstic F

Meowstic M








Now, there aren't that many pokemon this generation and a lot of the major lines have gotten a plush so if they were to make more who would it be?
Here's my predictions.

The new Diancie movie is coming out in July, so if they skip May for Pokedolls then the next set will be pokemon related to the movie.

Pokemon I think will get Pokedolls during the movie release:

*Diancie is an obvious choice. All main movie pokemon get one.
*Carbink? I feel its a main character to Diancie and they all have different variations in the movie. So they might make them all? Similar to the Genesect gang?
*Tyrunt and Amaura they seem to be featured a lot in the movie merchandise but I have no idea if they're in the short or in the movie. BUT! Seeing as they're pretty much in every banpresto, MPC, pokecen movie set. I feel they might get pokedolls.

Next, the movie short. MADE!
*Klefki is the main pokemon in this short, I feel its destined to get a cute pokedoll, I'm sure it will get a whole promotion since its related to "Charms" and has a lot of pokemon charms around it's keyring on the poster.

*Hawlucha is featured in the short, I'm not sure why. I'm hoping Ash or someone from the crew catches it but he could be a special pokemon who leads Pikachu and the gang to Klefki. He seems to be featured in a lot of movie merch. Including the MPCs and banpresto items. I will be disappointed if he doesn't get one. I'm hoping his design is cute and he doesn't have a lot of fabric pieces. I'd just be happy if they made one. ;3;

There isn't many that are featured for this movie. Most of them already have plush and tons of merch. The only other thing I can think of is Pokecen throwing us a curve ball. The Diancie movie also features a lot of MEGA! pokemon. I feel they might surprise us with Mega Pokedolls. Most likely in DX style.
Especially for Mega Absol but I have a feeling they'll do all of them considering that movie poster showcases half of them. If they do that, we'll be set for a few months.

Usually the movie merch dies down in August and September. So if they are planning Mega Pokedolls they have till then.

I'm guessing in October they'll have a Halloween promo. OR it could be another Team Rocket promo since they own a Pumpkaboo. So, if they have a promotion for that then I see:

At this point, almost every line in the Kalos region will have at least one pokedoll. So who's left?

*Goomy he's gotten a pokecen plush already but he screams pokedoll. I wouldn't be surprised if he got one.

*Spritzee Swirlix got a pokedoll recently so I wouldn't doubt Spritzee getting one in a future set.

*Flabebe it seems like it was one of the first mascot pokemon for the game. It got a pokecen plush and it's very cute so I could see it in pokedoll style.

*Skatterbug or Vivillon seems to be a cute baby Pokemon they made a plush of it already.  Vivillon seems to be something they could make a promo for, it has so many forms. I wouldn't doubt they make a pokedoll for it if it comes to that.
*Noibat or Noivern I don't know, they haven't been too prominent in any promo, none have gotten plush but I feel either or will be featured somehow. Maybe Alexa will come back and be around for a few eps. That way Noivern gets a plush?
*Furfrou I feel like this one will get it's own promo due to its glorious hair cuts. It should give him at least the normal cut style in pokedoll form.

If she doesn't get a plush. I swear, pokecen. 0^0! I'm surprised they haven't made one sooner, its been almost a year since the movie promo, she's had many promotions after that. I guess they must be saving her for a special occasion. I'm hoping they'll release it for another Sylveon promo but I feel the Eevee craze has been put on the back burner since it was pretty much a whole year of Eeveelutions last year.

I'm really excited for this plush but also dreading it. The quality has been a little lack luster with some of the details on certain plush. DX Chesnaught has pieces of fabric spikes and fingers, Lilleo's tail is one piece of fabric ext. So, my prediction is Sylveon will be done in the same way. I feel her ribbons will be one piece of fabric, same with her bows. Maybe even her tail. I know it will be cute but it won't feel like it matches with the other Eevee pokedolls. I just hope she gets done right.

With this prediction, lines that haven't gotten one would be:
Honedge line
Bergmite line
Skrelp line
Binacle line

And other lines I'm hoping to see:
*Canvas Plush

What do you guys think? What are your predictions? Who do you wanna see?
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Apr. 17th, 2014

Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

(no subject)

I've started on my chibi Chesnaught pair. This one and the shiny have no limbs right now. I'm slowly finishing up their shells first. X_X Those things have so much detail.....
They should be done today or tomorrow. :D

You can check my sewing status on my collection site to see who I'll be sewing next!~

Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

(no subject)

So last year I was lucky because Sylveon was the star of the Pikachu movie short. SO much merchandise came out of that. Which I'm pleased with. I'm still hunting items from the promotion last year. This year it's the Diancie movie and I thought I'd have a break from collecting considering I only collect three pokemon from Kalos. Sylveon, Hawlucha and Mega Absol.
Sylveon seems to be at a halt right now, which I'm fine with. I can get to all the merch I'm still missing. Mega Absol has been getting merch but only something once a month or so. I can keep up at a nice pace. Hawlucha...I thought would get nothing or an item months between each other but then I saw the new trailer.....

I know Klefki is the star for the new mini movie but what confuses me is.....HAWLUCHA!? What are you doing there!? WHAAAAA!? He's featured in the mini movie!!! AAAAH!!! YES! That's why he's getting a tomy figure and plush in July. YES!
Omg.... I'm curious if he's just a random pokemon they come across or if one of the main crew members catches it. If Ash caught a Hawlucha I'd die from happiness. ;3; I'd know he'd get merch every now and then if that was the case. I don't know, either way. I'm super excited for Hawlucha right now.

They also decided to treat me to Mega Absol being a special featured Mega in the movie. ^U^ So, all the new pokemon I collect from this region are now Movie Pokemon. Mind blown.

Apr. 7th, 2014

Sylveon Shiny

(no subject)

I haven't posted here in awhile....sorry about that. I've had company over for the past two weeks, took care of some gallery show pieces and I'm doing a lot of freelance for something I can't talk about yet. It involves toys though. :3

Anyway, here's my current project. I received two extra Ipakki figures the other day and I already had extras kids and tomys. SO I had myself a paint day. I just hope when I get my attack Sylveon kids they won't be a shade off since I'll be painting them later. They've been added to my collection site.

Still on the look out for a few random Sylveon merch. I'll also be sewing again soon! I've updated my sewing status on my site on who's next.

Uuuuuum, yeah. Nothing else to report. I'm super excited to see my Spring Swap post there gets from me. Any day now.

Mar. 18th, 2014

Sylveon Heart Ribbons

(no subject)


My friends are awesome. The community is awesome. I'm having so much fun collecting and the hunt is really getting me hyped. My Sylveon collection site is one of the first links on google when you search for it! People all around are using my images for want posts. I've been researching like crazy every inch of the internet for more exclusive Sylveon items and I keep finding more. Just so I can slap it on my database/want post. Friends have been PMing me with sought after items or thinking of me when It comes to Sylveon in general. It's so flattering and nice. ;U; I'm SO pumped for future auctions with my little fairy. My job has been great and keeps getting better and better. Which makes it easier to bid war for Slyveon. I'm really happy I'm almost done searching for past items. I know new items will pop up or she'll be on a new sticker or candy here and there but I'm pretty pleased with how quickly I caught up with her merch in the past couple months. It's been exhausting but rewarding. Now, I can prepare for future items. Come ooooon, Sylveon pokedoll!

Yeeeeyup, I thought I'd just let everyone know that Sylveon and I are goin' places.

I might have to make more room for this collection...and maybe sell more plush lots. Other than that, I'm almost done with my Spring Exhange box. It's coming along, I've already spent over $15 on it but I'm not even done with my custom. I'll be sure to get on it this weekend. I just wish my secret person would update their want list. I just hope they don't already have the items I got them.

Mar. 13th, 2014

Hawlucha Shiny Laugh


I must be dreaming!!!!! FIRST HAWLUCHA PLUSH!!!!! Ah! He's glorious!!!! I'm so happy! Even though, I've been all over Sylveon right now, this guy is just aching for me to start hardcore collecting him too. I'm so happy he'll MAYBE? be featured in the movie. If he is, then some well deserved movie merch is on the horizon. I've been getting all my major Sylveon wants so this guy is refreshing to see. *u* I need at least a flock of these.

Mar. 3rd, 2014

Mienshao love

(no subject)

Can someone be my middleman on Y!J for 3 Sylveon items I've been after for awhile? ;3;

They're on the cheap side, the earliest one ends in 13 hours! Please help!!! Comment or send me over a pm. <33333

Mar. 1st, 2014

Breloom No!

(no subject)

So, all renovations are done, my stuff is pretty much moved in. BUT! Even though my new room is waaay bigger, I still don't have enough room for my many boxes of plush. It's my fault for buying multiple Eevee sets. So I've weeded out A LOT of items....(mostly Eeveelutions) and this is my result....LOOK! That big box is full of plush! And its so heavy! I also have two big bags of MORE plush and little boxes full of little figures and things. The next step is taking everything out, figuring out what to sell by itself, what to auction, what should be in lots on ebay and take pictures. X<  Good thing its a rainy weekend and I can stay inside without a care. I'm sure I'll take more photo updates.

(Btw, decided to keep all my Jolteons, I just couldn't do it.)

All I wanna do is set up my new Sylveon space...in time.

Feb. 26th, 2014

Sylveon Excited

(no subject)

Augh! I won!!!! I won the TOYO Sylveon watch and sticker! It was a massive bid war but I'm so thrilled. This is the type of thing I love about collecting.

I feel Sylveon is getting the best of me though, I feel I MIGHT have to decide whether or not to collect the other Eeveelutions....due to lack of space and the time and energy that goes into collecting just one of them. Jolteon is an exception, as I'd probably still side collect him but doing the whole complete set of the whole line is sorta burning me out. I still gotta think it over but I may make a huge EEVEE lot or auction soon. Once I'm moved into my new place and I map out where everything is going I'll make a final decision.


In other news, MICKEY MOUSE SHORTS merchandise is lurking in Japan and I NEED it since a lot of my drawings are on them!!! I don't know what to search with these particular items since Mickey is such a big name and I have no idea what they call "Our" version of Mickey in Japan. Any help?!

The main thing I'm after is the plush coming out in April from the company "Nakajima". They also apparently released some dice bags in February.
"Small Planet" released a line of ankle socks in December last year. In May, "Sun Star Stationery" will be releasing...well... stationery. Which will have some of my art.
"Marimo Craft" is releasing some pouches and pencil bags in April. Sorry I have no pictures since I have no idea how to search for these things! Can someone help me? This is crazy, all this merch finally being released for our show and yet I can't get a hold of it! Any help would be appreciated.

Feb. 19th, 2014

Sylveon Moonblast

(no subject)

Can anyone help liddle ol' me and be my middleman?

I'm after a few very, very cheap items. :> I'm willing to pay asap!

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 11.34.39 AMScreen Shot 2014-02-19 at 11.34.58 AMScreen Shot 2014-02-19 at 11.35.16 AM

They're all at 100 yen or so and BIN for about 500 yen. :> The middle one is up for auction and I'd really love to get that one too. Would anyone be willing? Thank you!

Feb. 17th, 2014

Raichu Sparks

(no subject)

Done. I'll be posting this and my shiny Helioptile plush on Pkmncollectors for auction. Maybe sometime before February is through.  It took me awhile to finish this since I'm currently moving. I was tired of seeing a floating head though. :>

Feb. 1st, 2014

Slakoth pokedoll

(no subject)


Head is done. Body tomorrow.

Jan. 31st, 2014

Sloth Line

(no subject)


All done. Proper pics will be done for the auction.This guy cannot stand unless propped up. Lol
I want to do a shiny Fennekin next.
I also updated my "Sewing Status" page to be more accurate. It's been awhile since I last touched it.

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