Tara (slothyshroom) wrote,

Its about time I released my collection website!!!!! 

I introduce you to my collection website-SlothyShroom!!! 

Click HERE to enter site!

It has taken me many months to FINALLY get it up and running and its still under construction as I still need to add Japanese text for all the items! But for now, I think is finally appropriate for a proper debut! This website showcases bio's of all my pokemon, (yes my pokemon have names and personalities)

My team's collections!

As well as featuring my side collections for these Pokemon and their evolutions:

Here you will find my entire collection, complete with pictures, pokemon info and detailed descriptions of each item.
Along with my sewing status which features who's under the needle, trade lists and terms, want list and  I hope this site will help those who collect the same pokemon as me, as well as give people some idea of what kind of merchandise is out there!

I want to be the queen when it comes to having the biggest Slakoth+Vigoroth+Slaking collection and Shroomish+Breloom collection out there!
I'll do my best to live up to the name SlothyShroom!!!

I hope everyone enjoys my site! It will be updated frequently, as well as my sewing status! Be sure to visit often! 

And if you would like to affliate with me please link your website in the comments! I'd love to trade! <333


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