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New plush new plush new plush!!!

I've actually finished a plush before this guy but can't reveal em' yet since he was a commission.

Here is WARUVIAL!!!



[Click All Images For Fullview]

Yes, my absence here wasn't just the commission plush but THIS guy took awhile to complete, I think an estimate of three days on and off. X_X I kept procrastinating every time I looked at him, first day I didn't want to get to the body after the head was completed. XD Second day, I didn't want to get to all those stripes and markings after finishing the body. Third day, I didn't want to get to his arms, feet and claws. XDDD Pheeeeeew!

Lots of work but lots of work usually means a satisfying result for me. :> This gator is AWESOME, I just love this line, how he changes color from the rest of the line is just too cool. The fact that he looks like hes wearing sun glasses makes him such a rebel, even his battle cry sounds like someone strumming a guitar. Badass! :D This guy is one of my team members for my BW lineup. So it was exciting getting to plushify him.

He had such a complicated body type, sooo many odd pattern pieces needed to be made lol, you can't really tell in the photos but he has two back spikes on each side of body and one on his tail. Its even hard to tell how his spikes look unless you check out his shiny sprite. Good thing I had that to use for reference. He is quite huggable and soft, I made sure I sewn on his skinny arms nice and tight to his body since their so thin. His penis nose shape is so extravagant. 83


Waruvial Plush

*11 inches tall
*Embroidery Features

*Will be put up for November Auction

Here he is with my DX fuzzy Raichu and Crogunk pokedoll for size comparison. Waruvial is based on the pokecen exclusive plush that have been coming out. I thought the final stages of the starters plush would be around DX size so thats why he is just as big as Raichu, if you had the exclusive pokecen plush of Meguroco he'd probably fit perfectly across Waruvial's snout. So yeah, big plush.

More soon guys! :D 
Gonna take a day of rest and then I'll be ready to tackle another one for the auction!



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