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Whoop! A wild plush appeared!




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Yay! Bats! Bats!!! BATS!!! I love bat pokemon, including this one! He is another member of my BW team and it was a joy to pokedoll-ify him. Can you tell I like sewing my favorites rather than who's popular? :> Yes, Kokoromori, he is totally adorable and even though Crobat is my bat of choice, this guy is totally pulling at my heart strings

. With his fluff ball body, heart nose and cute smile he is instantly going to be *probably* side collected by me. I'm glad Jessie caught his prevo (off screen XP) if hers evolves I hope he'll get tons of merch in the future. Ya know, when they stop being all serious and snoopy and fight Ash a few times.

This plush was really fun to make! I had to simplify him a bit, mostly in his chest fluff, I'm pleased by how that part came out, adding the back fluff against his head really makes a difference, the embroidery was quite relaxing for a change, I had fun doing his smile and teeth. I never knew his ears were connected together if I didn't see the coro scans. How interesting.

*6 inches
*Embroidery Features
*Hand Sewn
*Available in November Auction

Here he is with two pokedoll's for size comparison. I love flapping his wings and posing him on his tail X3

Thats it for now, I also decided to update my sewing status page on my website with plush I intend to do next. In case anyone was interested. C:

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