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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile


I know for a fact that I want to make these two electrics for my November Auction. Their from one of my favorite lines and I've been dying to plushify them. I just didn't have the fabric colors when first starting out. The only thing is, I'm not sure what style to plush them in. I was debating between  Pokemon Time or Pokedoll style but their such fun and detailed Pokemon,  I was thinking maybe something else? I don't want to see them standing or sitting generically as they are often made. I could do them that way but a bit different if that makes sense? I'm not quite sure how I'd make Luxray in Times style due to his eyes and it would be nice to see Luxray smiling for a change.

I'm just too excited and indecisive to choose something for them myself, I think its because I've been anticipating to make them for so long. 
So, what style should I choose? It doesn't have to be the two listed, I just want some fun ideas to work with. I actually have a plush I'll be working on before these two but asking now would be wise lol
Any Suggestions?

PS: I might consider making Shinx if I like the style chosen and have the spare time this month.


Make them in Time style! I think you could make the eyes look fine with the style.
Just yellow circles over red/white. :D
I think you should do shinx as well, so the whole family can be together. also think yu sould do them pokedoll style.
I think a Pokemon Time Luxray would be super cute! Just use the right colour eyes, but the Time style? XD personally I'd prefer the Pokemon Time, say, Umbreon to have red eyes/black pupils, but hey, whaddya do.
Third person to agree about PokeTime Luxray! I think you can keep the eye style in Time, but just use red and yellow instead of black and white? I imagine it to be working fine.

Whatever you choose, I'm excited to see what you will make! Your plushies always look so great<3
Also chiming in to say the entire line would be adorable in the time style. :D Instead of the white of the eye as Time style shows, just make it red? Just a suggestion~
Yeah, I was going for the whole red instead of white thing but his eyes are cut off due to his fur making him look angry all the time lol I hope it won't look weird if I make his eyes oval instead. Like this 0^0
Echoing everyone else, you should totally make them Pokemon Time style.
Hmmmmmmmm... I would say in a heartbeat Time Style because I personally feel like everyone these days commissions Pokedoll styles, so you would be more original as well as maybe have more interest making a plush in a style not traditionally done.

Orrrr... I've seen you do it with your own characters, but have you thought of making plushes in the style of your art? 8D
Made my decision for the style :> Thanks for your suggestion!

Well....I thought about DOING that but I felt that people would buy things their familiar with like Pokedolls/ext. Pokemon in my style would be beyond the norm and I always thought that would catch people off guard. Or that's what I always thought. <.
Oh congrats then! :D

Oh... hmm. I guess I am just weird? XD I love the pokedoll style, but I guess as a hardcore collector I can admit that if I had several custom Hitomoshi pokedolls, I would be pretty bored with having another as oppose to one more unique in the collection. :)