Tara (slothyshroom) wrote,

Oh, man! Another Plush off my list!

This time its:



YEAH! My first Rock type Pokedoll EVER! :D And what a unique one at that. Since he was revealed I really wanted to plushify him. He was just really fun looking. And I had all his fabric colors at hand. I used my Dialga, Giratina and Metagross Pokedoll as reference when creating the body type. Damn this guy has a lot of detail. X_X Can't believe how many stones and toes I had to sew. The embroidery eyes were so time consuming and really funky since he has lines within them. I'm pleased with them. @w@ It was fun creating a mad looking pokedoll for a change lol I hope this guy gets a good home!

*6 Inches
*Embroidery Features
*Hand Sewn
*Will be Put Up For November Auction

Size comparison, he came out about an inch too big.


I also tweaked my Hihidaruma Pokedoll!

Damn this plush, I've been trying to sell it for ages but he's still with me! I don't understand lol This guy is a beast! I'm surprised there isn't anyone out there who appreciates this dude. I decided I'd tweak him for his last auction. ;-; I hope its his last. I added his back stripes, Embroidered more features, made his eyes bigger and pushed his eyebrows down to make him look more devilish. In my opinion he looks 100 times more badass! Glad I went back to him.

I'm rooting for you fire ape! You will be sold!

Chillin' with some homies.

My Sewing Status on my website is updated! I'll be making a Pokemon Time Luxray! Thank everyone for all your suggestions and help! :D If I can, I'll make his prevos. Wish me luck!


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