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Welcome to my Plush commission information post!
This is where I will open new spots for some of my custom made pokedolls.
Be sure to check my gallery for examples of what type of plush work I can do.

Have a favorite pokemon but it doesn't have a pokedoll? Wish your special pokemon had a shiny version of its plush?

Well heres a plush offer you should check out!!

RULES (read these before you ask for a commission plz <3)

I do not take commissions at any given time, when I do its very rare. What I do is make polls and ask suggestions on who to do and then auction them. If your a CLOSE friend of mine, then I probably will make an exception to do a plush commission for you. I just don't have the time to do this on a daily basis as I have an animation job, a side job, art tasks, freelance art commissions and personal matters to deal with. Plus, I feel bad when someone asks yet I don't even hafe the material for it. Please respect my lifestyle and try not to ask unless your truly serious about the subject.

I need atleast ONE reference picture of a pokemon (more is welcome) from you so I know what I'm supposed to sew.

Note that I have a life and I'm very busy  so your plush  might take some time to be finished. I try to finish them a.s.a.p. You all just need to be patient, I am very picky when it comes to my plush!

 The commissions are done in fleece but you can buy the minky and send it to me. The only colors I posses in Minky are Green, Red and Yellow. This is the only way you'll get great quality plush from me. Since I can't find it anywhere near I live.

If you have sketches of your requested plush you've done, feel free to show me so I may use it as a guideline

I do take shiny pokedoll commissions.

Copyrights and ownership of the plush remains to me. No making profit of it or spreading  it around without my permission! These are all Tara Billinger originals, please respect your artists.

If your lucky enough to get a commission from me then heres the following you must do next.

In a Message I need to know the following:
1) Pokemon of your choice/ what type of plush
2) Shiny/non shiny
3) Preferred mode of Contact
4) Anything else you find important (specifics)

-Custom made 5-6 inch Pokedoll-
Ranges from $50-$100 dollars: I take my plush work seriously and these are made with love and persistence.
Sometimes I make plush a little bigger than 5 inches I go as big as 9-10 inches and that depends on complexity.

-Custom made 6-9 inch plush-
Ranges from $100-160 depending on its complexity. I have a few new plush ideas I want to try out and this size is the one I'll probably experiment with once I do.

I only take





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