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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

PHEW! I'M DONE! AH! Here's the three plush that will be put up for auction for the month of December. I didn't have time for Shinx. ;3; I won't be making any more this month since I'm heading out for vacation (New York) on Friday and wouldn't have the time. Don't worry, I haven't put the auction up just yet, this is just my December auction banner and I wanted to show it off lol Isn't it festive? :D

Anyway, lets check out my new blue beauties!

I LOVE Luxio! I knew before I started that I wanted to make him smiling and care free. His eyes really make a difference. I tilted his head to the side to add more cuteness Its hard to see since these photos are a little on the dark side but he has some butt spikes as well as his mane having embroidery to make him look like he has strands of fur. His tail is wired for bendable posableness but I really just like it in the position its in. X3 Curled and tilted to the side.


*12 inches
*Hand Sewn
*Embroidery Features
*Wired Tail
*Will be up For December Auction

OH MAN Luxray you killed my middle finger. ;^; Creating you was such a pain but totally worth it to see that little grin. Luxray is a very detailed Pokemon ( thats not a bad thing) but I can understand why I don't see too many plush makers take a stab at him. I mean, It took forever to sew on his arm stripes only for them to be mostly covered DX Things that aren't too noticeable in this shots are his two layers of butt spikes, his arm spikes and his chest fluff goes all the way around his head. The dark fabric used on both Luxio and Luxray is a shiny black with a tinted blue. I knew right when I got the fabric that I wanted to use it for this line. I love how Pokemon time plush shifty eyes give the Pokemon a "I see what you did there" face. XD At first, Luxray's eyes were just going to be solid yellow but it looked to empty so I added the pupils. I LOVE them pupils.


*12 inches
*Hand Sewn
*Embroidery Features
*Wired Tail
*Will Be Put Up in December Auction

Size comparison with my Raichu, Zero. As you can see these guys are big. I had to make Luxray a little smaller and chibi to prevent making him TOO big. Thats why Luxio is a little bit taller than him. Or his body just looks longer.

Hahahaha, it looks like their plotting something and Zero doesn't suspect a thing.




Like I mentioned before, whenever I have time I'll put this auction up on the comm. Its cool how the last plush I make for this year are from my favorite line. Though, that statement might come invalid if I have to do any last minute plush while I'm on holiday but hopefully I don't have to. Well, I pulled an all nighter and I'm STILL up, I need to get some rest and prepare for my trip! Maybe someday I'll make a Shinx Time Plush to complete the set.




Gaaaah cutiepies!! So tempting @___@
Both are so cute X3 You really got the Pokemon Time style down.

I guess poor Breloom didn't get a home yet? ;__;
So precious! ♥
zomg....sooo cute, awesome, and amazing!!! i want one!!!!