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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

[Click Image For Full View]

Here's my December art commissions, my apologies for the bit of a wait. I'm still on vacation but should be back for a January auction next week. This batch should be sent out sometime this week. And I hope that the others that aren't showcased here were safely received. I'llpost a new auction when I purchase more illustration board.

Here's leemax's sleepy Snorlax in an alleyway of wrappers and cans, a Oshawott and Shiny Poochyena holding a cute amount of banchuru's for irethsune and tomokii's original character and his Jolteon using thunderbolt. :> I hope you guys like your pieces! C: They were all really fun to work on.<input ... ></input><input ... >


You did really good with Reset, he looks fantastic in your style. C: Makes me wanna get one of my Ocs done in your style with their poke!

Those bachuras are also the cutest damn thing. Was it fun drawing all of them? C: