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Breloom Wut

Hey guys, I'm back home from my vacation but still very busy packing up for my move mid-February. Things will be very low-key for me here as well as probably a lot of other sites I visit. I do plan to make a January plush auction, I still need to pick which 5 or so I plan on doing and what fabric I have but these are the ones I'm for sure going to make:

(For Sure)
(Waiting on response on fabric)


I'm not sure who I'll actually end up doing for the line-up just yet since I have to see what fabrics I have available, unless people don't mind fleece fabric instead of minky for a change. (Has dozen of colors in fleece but isn't sure if people would be interested in plush made with it?) I also have 14 already drawn BW art cards I'll be putting up for sale at the end of the month along with 10 spots for my illustration board art commissions. C:

So yeah, alot to keep me busy this month. I will update my sewing status info on my collection site once I pick a final 5.



I sure wouldn't mind a Xatu made of fleece *v*

Lots of shiny pokemon this time around, eh? Can't wait to see what you make <3
Xatu would be minky if I were to make him.

Yeah, going with shiny's this time around since a lot of new gen pokes are getting an official plush anyway.