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Parappa Shock!

Tons of non pokemon items-dia de los muertos stuff I got from Mexico for Christmas this year. :DDDD And my Aztec calender I had from one of my trips to Mexico. I love my Christmas gifts. :D


You might of guessed that I got the collectors edition of Epic Mickey but what I'm really excited about is my present to me.........my vinyl Parappa!!!! He's soooooo rare, I thought I'd never get one. He was made in 1998 around the time the game came out. They sold for about $60 at the time but increased in price since then. A lot more. But on Christmas eve I decided to look on ebay for Parappa stuff and FOUND my beloved. In mint condition with his cloth outfit and knitted hat. <333333 ;w; I'm in love with it. Getting this makes me very hopeful to find a Umjammer Lammy vinyl from the same set. Sorry fr the non relative Pokemon post but I just had to share.

Here it is with all my other Pokemon Christmas plush from 2010. (Oswald was last years Xmas gift)