Tara (slothyshroom) wrote,

New Plush Time!



This is for porcupine_paws who wanted to do a plush/partial trade from my want list. She has been so sweet to have waited an extra month for it since December was just too chaotic to get to it. X_X As I promised I'd finish it this month. :>

Skarmory Pokedoll:
*6 inches
*Embroidery Features
*Wired Wings

[Click image for full view]

This plush was a bit more complicated than I first intended. X_X The wire and all those feathers just about killed me. The wire was very fickle since I had to get them small enough to fit within each feather.  Skarmory can fold his wings backwards or forwards, or you can bend a feature individually. The feet were sooo tiny but I love her little ankles. <3 The head was a bit tricky, I'm glad I got it all as one piece in the end.

Here she is with some of my new pokedolls I "might" consider making  shiny variants of.

I hope you like it, porcupine_paws! I tried my best to get ever detail in your sketches in the final design. I'll send you a pm with info/details about our trade very soon. <3

More soon!



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