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First six done, I've reached my halfway point with these art spots!


*First one is for nightmare_chan2 who wanted a spooky Litwick scene and a eerie Chandelure! :3 Chandelure's color pallet was really fun to work with I love drawing pokemon doing attacks. ;3;
*Then a masculine Blaziken for origamigryphon showing off its raw fire power. >:D
*A Keldeo for razzamatazz who is being the badass legend he should be with swishy fighting/water powers around him.
*A heartwarming scene for meowllz featuring an Alataria, a loving Swablu and a stuck in fluff Luxio and Snivy. SoOooOoo much fluff I got to color! And I hope you like the warm sun setting colors. :> It was a tight squeeze but I got em' all in the piece, tails and all.
*Lastly is the Oshawott line all showcasing off their Shell blade now known as "Razor shell". O-o For tamago226.I knew I could fit them all in there, it was a challenge XD I translated bubbles to make a nice water scene as well as waves featured behind them.

And thats it for this set, sorry for the annoying huge blank space on these, I usually just scan them and place them all on one huge file, the others will be updated in that blank spot so look forward to that. :> I hope everyone from this batch enjoy their pieces! I had loads of fun working on em, so much color and variety and lots of new pokemon I got to work with. 83

 I've already sent these out if your wondering and you should get them soon. Same goes for anyone who bought a card from me too.
I'm currently working on the next six who claimed a spot. C:

I still have 8 spots left and 5 art cards up for sale if any of my friends list wants at em' first.

Art spots are $22 shipped.

Emboar, Serperior, Herdier, Eelektross and Garbodor are the only ones here that are still available.

Each will be $10.
$2 shipping for US $3 for everywhere else.


More soon! :D Thanks for looking! <3


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