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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile


[Click Image to Full View]

Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff so while scanning the 12 art spots of my January list.....photoshop decided to freeze while I was saving them. X_X AND I already packed the commissions in their respected envelopes so I couldn't go back to rescan them. Guh, so that is why they are all cropped either on the top or bottom. I was lucky enough to get a screen grab of it before It died. So that white square covering the otter line/ninetails is my PS tool bar. XP You will see the extra space on these when they get sent to you, just !letting you know that they are NOT this small lol And plus, I wanted to show them before I sent them off. :>

1.First, is a Tron-ified Mew and Mewtwo for technicolorcage! It was sooooo fun to draw Mewtwo's suit ANNNND getting to color all his glowing pieces of it. I gave his helmet a purple tinted glass, so you could see his eyes. Just like in the tron movies! Mew's markings look like tattoos lol
2.Next is a cute scene of a Lopunny and Meowth together for that_zorua. So much floof in this one X3 And that Meowth's markings were really fun to color. So scruffy.
3.Then, we have a crouching serious Scrafty getting ready to fightcha for fizzyfalls. >:D He's getting ready to attack so I added some swishy attack designs in it. He's the only guy who can be serious while holding his pants up in the process. 
4.Next, we have the adorable Puppy line for shiningraikou!!!! They wanted a sleepy lillipup C: It was soooo fun to draw their shiny blue coats! Scoutland was probably the coolest doggy to draw. X3
5.This one is for whitewolflarka. Agh, poor shiny Ninetails, its tails got cut off by my PS tool bar. XP Don't worry their all there. X_X Soooo many tails to fit in one image lol it was a challenge. I love getting to color shiny pokemon. *w* So sparkly and colorful! Ninetails is probably one of my favorite shiny's ever.
6.And lastly, a poochy, a mighty, Samurott annnd a happy happy unown ! for shadoweon. ^-^ I love working with gray markers, coloring the yena's coats was a delight. And I never get tired of the Samorotts. <3

I hope you guys enjoy them! *Lots of purple bgs this round* These are all packed up and ready to be sent off. I'm currently getting ready for a big move so I'm not sure if I can send them out before or after I move but I'll be sure to tell you when I've sent them out. C: 

Again, sorry for the PS slip!



Beautiful and amazing as always! You're so talented. :3
Yay,mine is done! Thank you so much! Oh, do you have my address? Just wanted to make sure.
Your work is always awesome, I love the one of the shiny and regular Ninetales! I'd love to commission you again! I have something in mind already too, my wallet is just to drained...;_;
Thanks! I have a feeling I'll do another round this month or the following, you have loads of time to buy one. ;3
Cool beans, hopefully I will be able to scrap together the pennies! I have something that I want done in your style! I am just trying to pay down my credit card, which is easier said then done! XD
I hear ya, moving is really costing me big time that I had to skip 1:1 emonga fest. Can't wait to hear your idea when your credit dues and paid! Good luck! <3
I wish you much luck with your move! I also am trying to squirrel money away for the trip in August to California, Rodney's family is having a reunion. Lucky for me, Rodney is covering the plane tickets and his family will feed us. I just need money for spending and to put my "kids" in the pet resort! Thank you, I have a plan in place and i have been pretty much sticking to it...;)
Haha, I'm actually moving to California. I have to leave my "kids" behind until i get on my feet and settle down. :< My gliders will have to stay with their loving grandma for a while lol

I'm pretty much paying for the whole trip there, gas, rent a car ext. so its pretty pricey. And a bit overwhelming, these commissions are pretty much paying for my rent and food lol. Thanks for the luck! I hope you can save enough for your trip, CA is such a fun place to vacation at. <3
Rodney was born and raised in California and eventually ended up in boring VA. This will be the first time I have ever been to California. I am sure you will miss your "kids," but I am sure it won't be long before you are reunited...;)

My Mom moved to Colorado a year ago now! She paid out of pocket for everything herself, she wanted me to help her move, but I could not. I'll see how my money is next month, if it looks alright or I get some sales here on LJ I am slowly updating my shop), then I will surly commission you. I like to help people if and when I can! :D

Thank you, I am sure I'll get the money, even if I have to do some minor collection weeding!
Omg, my Scrafty finally arrived today!! I was sure you'd make it look AMAZING, and you did exactly that!! I can't imagine it could look any better. Your style is the most beautiful. Thank you so much. <3