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 Ugggggh. I'm having livejorunal trouble. For some reason when I go to my LJ journal page none of my entries show and it says:

Error running style
Style code didn't finish running in a timely fashion. Possible causes:
  • Infinite loop in style or layer

  • Database busy
BUT when I got to my friends page, my journal layout shows and works properly. I thought this was caused by my LJ custom CSS layout so I saved it, took it off my account and picked a normal basic layout for it.....only for it to STILL say the same thing. Has anyone else been through this? I'm seriously for a loss for words. I'd love to put my purple layout back up if I could.


Two more art commissions completed! Sorry these took a bit longer, I was actually in the middle of moving when I got them. X_X

First one is for gl4x who wanted a Weavile! I wanted to make em' doing a cool ice type move because...sometimes I forget he's an ice type. XD I love drawing its claws and that smirk is love. <3 The swishy snowy attack move was such a delight to work with in marker. I'm so happy I finally gotten to draw one.

Second is for irethsune , filled with joltiks, a hip looking scraggy and a pachirisu who is having a electrical hello with one of the baby spiders. She wanted a spider web theme like another commission I did for them. I love making Pachirisu's cute little rodent eyes. ;3; And it's charging cheeks look like a orange slice. <3

I hope you both enjoy your pieces! I already have these guys packed up and ready to go!


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