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I was considering making new LJ icons, I know people keep their icons the same so people remember who their talking with, since some recognize them by their icons but I sorta want to make some new ones. Only having 15 is tiresome sometimes. But what do you guys think? Keep or Swap?

So here is a batch of Pokemon Art pieces I've been meaning to get done the past month. X_X I really shouldn't have done 10 spots right before I got my job at Disney. It was so hard to juggle them around, but all in all, they are DONE. The others are all non pokemon related so I'm uploading the 3 that are here. C:

[Click image for full view]


The first one is for Meowllz! She wanted a Luxio with a rainbow surfboard and a girl Flareon holding her own. I went with a tiki beach theme for the colors and I had a blast drawing the cute little Flareon girl. XD Has anyone noticed that Flareon is a little chubby compared to the other eevee's? I find it so cute. And yes, she has a bikini bra under all that fluff. lol

The Krookodile is for katcheekricket. I decided to have him do Earthquake in a big dirt storm. C: I'm very fond of this guy as I had one on my white team throughout the whole game. And he was a pretty BAMF whenever he used earthquake. So I thought this was suitable for this piece. His red colors were fun to shade!

And the last one is for koujakai, who wanted a arcanine and raikou in a elemental attack ying yang. I hope I came close to what you wanted. Their such massive beasts it was a challenge to fit the both on the canvas. C: But their colors really contrast with each other and I really wanted to make the fire and electricity pop.

Again, I apologize for the wait, this new pilot has really cut into my commission time. I hope you like them, I had so much fun working on them!


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