Tara (slothyshroom) wrote,

SO. Now that I have a stable income, I can finally start thinking about customs. Customs I've been dying to get since the beginning of time! I want all of them to be done by different artists....NOT ME. If I made them myself *which I know I could* I would end up thinking "Why do I have this? This should go to a good home." I just can't stand owning my own plush, I'm sure a lot of you plush makers think the same way. :P 

Anyway, I have a few planned out that I still need to draw, mostly pokedolls: Vigoroth, Shroomish, Slaking, Breloom and Mienshao. OvO Thats all I want to get customs for for now.  I don't want to overdo it. 

I never buy custom plush so they have to be perfect. :P They must be done in minky, have embroidery detail and look like my designs. 

Here's the first design, Gin did the basic sketch of it when she was visiting and I redrew it in photoshop. His eyes and rings should be embroidery. The tufts on his back should be double sided minky, same with his hair....or maybe it should be sewn....hmmmm...

My main question is, do you think I should make a version where hes on his tummy? Or should it stay sitting up like this? And little teeth or no teeth? Lemme know, I'm indecisive with Slakoth right now.  



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