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Slakoth pokedoll

 So, I commissioned someone for a custom Slakoth pokedoll!!!! 8D *points at icon* I'm so excited! So I've decided to design another. C:

I'm hoping that since Mienfoo is getting a pokedoll, that they will someday make a Mienshao pokedoll....they seem to be completing evolutionary lines lately so its got a chance!  But if she never gets one, I'm prepared.  



I'm not sure if this can work, I really want her to have a long neck but you can't really do that with pokedoll style....but then I thought of reshiram! So it is possible. And I really like how her arms are bent up. But I've also made a variant with her sleeves down. 

What do you think? Sleeves up or down? Neck no neck?
I'm so stumped with Slaking and Vigoroth.....I really want those next but its so hard to figure their body types in pokedoll form. X_X All the people I've been wanting to commission are opening spots RIGHT NOW so I gotta figure it out soon! DX

*makes this an icon too*


I hope she gets a pokedoll as well, I basically bought mienfoo just so I would have the complete line if they made her as well.

As for your design choice, i'd say arms up since you can see her paws as well as her sleeve thingies that way.

I hope someday swadloon will get a pokedoll, I doubt that will happen,but if it does...that thing is going to be my best friend. XD