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Mienshao love

 So I'm finally flying out to go see my dog and my family next week! Yay! I haven't seen them in over half a year which is the longest I've ever been a part from my family. It will be refreshing to take a break from slaving away at Disney. I asked my execs for a few days off and they completely understood and demanded I'd go. ;v; I was so scared to ask at first but it was pretty easy. 


I saw this adorable  little guy across the street from my house! It's very curious, makes chirp sounds and its really fast. What is it exactly?!! It looks like its some sort of weasel but thats crazy since they're illegal in California. 8O Its colors and patterns are so unique. 

"I'm shy. Deciding if I want to chill."

"Okay, I wants to chill but not all the way."

*Comes out fully, like a boss* "Hey."



Oh GOD it's SO CUTE!!!! *gurgles and dies* It reminds me of a... "polecat", but I just looked it up on Wiki and the polecat doesn't live in the US. Most weasels seem to dwell in... well, NOT North America. There's the "Long-tailed weasel" but I'm not sure cause the image I saw didn't have those crazy markings.
Yaaay, I was right!! ^O^
Thats him! Thats him!
Oh my goodness, that's adorable. ;0;
I have never seen anything like that! :O It's really beautifully marked though! Is there any sign of it belonging to someone on the street?
I didn't get to hang around em too long since I had to go to work but there was some people who were checking him out too. I think they picked him up. I'm not sure if he was a pet since he seems like a wild species of Weasel. :O
It's Mienfoo. Ready to kick some ass. You should shout out. Mienfoo! Double Kick. See what it does ;3

Reminds me of a Stoat. Although, your not in the UK, so thats probably not possible, XD.