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Breloom Dead

SO I went home for a week, spent over $1,000+ on appointments, shots, blood tests, ext. on Moki and my sugar gliders. Moki should be okay FOR NOW but we're still waiting on the blood tests to see if his liver/bladder/kidneys are doing well. We at least found out that he's 13 rather than 14 which is kinda nice.

I'm back home in CA now, Jippo ( one of my gliders) is getting neutered today which I'm very worried about since Im not there for the surgery but my mom will call me if anything comes up. I spent so much that I could only get one glider neutered. D: I really hope that he will mellow out enough that he can live with his brother Oswald again.

Things are crazy right now but when I came home, I was welcomed by something oh so lovely.....


I am TOO excited and speechless to put this on pkmncollectors.....;3; I will eventually.......when I can learn to breathe again.
Thank you, Holly. Your'e so sweet and awesome and AHHH!
I needed something to cheer me up. What perfect timing. <3