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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

~:*~+*~SALES POST~:*~+*

WARNING: Very image heavy!!


This shop is intended for members of [info]pkmncollectors. However, I reserve the right to grant or refuse service to anyone, member or not!

Permission got from Lineaalba

Payments: I only accept payments through PayPal.
*If you cannot pay with PayPal, please do not attempt to purchase from me.
*Do not pay with any e-Checks.

Prices: Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise stated.
*All prices are in USD.

Trading Policy: Currently I am not accepting trades.

Feedback: You are dealing with an honest and reliable seller with a well-established reputation in [info]pkmncollectors; please review my feedback!

Hold Policy: I will hold items for up to three days. If payment can't be made after that point, it is immediately up for grabs (or defaults to the next person who expressed interest), no second chances.


Lets move on to the sales!



Id feel bad to want to take something from your plush collection for a trade since I think its so nice your already giving me the rai. X3

Im currently working on your Sparky and its actually a little bigger than I thought it would be. I've only made the white dragons pattern but if you want, we could trade for just the Sparky plush and Giratina. I usually charge $50 for pokedolls which is about 6 inches. I was originally going to make yours slightly bigger, around 9 but your Sparky is actually pokecen promo size, 11 inches. Like the rainbow pikachu year set. 83
I charge $70+ for that.

So would you want to do that, think thats fair? And I havent announced that my store has items yet so gira hasnt been sold yet. Sparky will be completed sometime later tonight, so check in for a update! X3
Let me know!
Sure! Thats fair. You can have the Rotom instead, like I said before, none of these have been sold yet. I love these pokedolls and the cut rotom is amazing! He even has a little space in his cart to put things in lol. So Sparky and Cut Rotom it is. :D

Im nearly done with sparky! Should be done by tonight. Here's a preview:

All I have to do is the face and head fur lol. I'll be sure to give you the link to the post of the finished plush once its done. ^-^ Then you can PM me your address. <3