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So much merch I have to get in a course of two months. They keep surprising me. I hope I can keep up, seriously. First, the Emolga stamper and soap figure. Okay, those are small. I can deal with that. Then the round headed plush comes out in December, alright, its just one more plush to get. That's doable.  I knew the Emolga talky was coming out in July. I love knowing in advance so I can save, bought that. But now, new shaking swinging plush aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand remote control figure!!!!! NNNNNGGGGGGGH- I've never hardcore collected a pokemon on the main cast's team let alone a electric mouse mascot. So all this merch is overwhelming! I freak out when my other pokemon get like....a clear file or featured on idk an eraser. But Emolga is getting a freaking Remote-controled toy! And who knows what else they'll throw at me before Christmas and my Birthday this December!!! o-o Emolga if you are a part of a Pokecen Christmas promotion...so help meeeee.....

I've gotten advice to gradually get items right as they release so that I'll be up to date with every bit of merch. But Emolga, why u no give me a break!? Either way, I'm excited for it. And think Emolga might need a bigger shelf once next year hits. X_X I've already moved it from a small shelf to my big one but its already taking up a whole level.  Does anyone have advice about collecting a pokemon with a lot of merch? How do you go about collecting? 


Anyway, besides my Poke-obsessions another one I am truly excited about and want to get as a B-day present for myself. ovo *Hopefully I can find it.

OMG! What is this!? Why is it in Japanese and where was I when it came out in 2007?! I'm a huge Oswald collector but never heard news or came across this set. o-o Any help followers? Price isn't an issue. 

SO GODLY, I gotta find this set! ;^;