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Gleeeee yay, I found these figures I've recently discovered. :D I didn't even have to buy the whole set with all the damn Mickey's. 

Eee, it even comes with one of his babies. 

I also bought the colored version of it. I just love that jumping pose and base. Its like a little Oswald zukan. ;3;Japan gets the best toys, why don't we have THESE kinds of figures at the Disney store?! Not even the special Disney Employee exclusive store at work has stuff like this!

 Now if only I can find that Medicom Mickey/Oswald Vinyl set. That will be a challenge. 

Sorry for spamming you with non pokemon stuff but you all do it with ponies, so we're even. >:3


Those figures are awesome! I went to Disney last month and was actually kind of disappointed in much of the merch. The Disney Store isn't much better these days... it's all aimed towards young children nowadays, not adult collectors like they used to. :(
Every time I go there I never buy anything which is a shame since I try to get one thing from each visit. I'm a vinyl/statue type of collector and the items have to be pretty darn good for me to want to buy em'. Disney gets a lot of stuff so I gotta be picky. I hate how its a small world has a gift shop but nothing based off Mary Blair's art. Or Haunted Mansion items at the Haunted Mansion gift shop....all you get is Nightmare before Christmas. Its the little things that make me sad. I wish they would make more items for us adult collectors.
That Mickey is adorable <3 Doing a Mickey-focused Disney collection was something I wanted to do as a kid, but never got to because he gets...a lot. A LOT of things. XD

A special employee exclusive store sounds like a dream place to me. ;A; So jealous!
Haha, yeah. Thats why I collect Oswald. Less things release for the rabbit. :'( We have a employee only Disney store at the Frank G. Wells Building at the Disney studio but most of the stuff is things anyone can get besides a few shirts and figures. I love how Japan make toys for all the unpopular Disney characters, like Oswald. 83
Ah, Japanese Disney toys. XD I still can't believe that the 100th Nendoroid figure is Mickey. All the popular recent anime characters, then suddenly Mickey! So nice and high quality, too.<3

It's so nice that you collect something so related to your work! Any of the work I've done mostly just have fan-made things because the company is too cheap to actually make them, haha. They still owe me the official merch they promised years ago! ;A;