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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

Yay! My Wave 1 Charm sets from Gin came in today! Too bad I just posted a huge collection update. XP I'm too excited, so I'll post them here! 
I only wanted two sets from this run. And both are very popular lines so I'm thrilled to have gotten both!

FFFFFFFFFF- These bats......I have yet to even come across the Johto charms so when I found out about these charms I had to make sure i got them. I'm not sure if these are repeat designs or not since I don't have the Johto set. But if they are, I don't care because I finally have some awesome bat merch!!! Agh!!! That Crobat.....

And here are my Pikas. A lot of people already posted about these but for so long Johto Raichu was the only charm I ever had from the promotion. From having one to getting pretty much every pokemon I collect is beyond insane. I am completely and utterly excited about wave two. I know I'll be getting a huge haul from that run. 83 

I'm sure I'll post these when I have make another collection post. :D