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Slakoth Hell Yes

New Changes~

So I've decided to create a new collection website. *One that I'm still currently working on and will probably be up very soon* You must have noticed I've deleted a few of my posts? Well, I figured getting a site for all these tabs would be the way to go and be more fun for you and for me, so  those categories will be moved there. That way, I can use this journal to its fullest. I've kept a few for future reference, like my permanent sales post, feedback page, my plush and art info and the such. They're the only posts that will have those tags, so they will be easier to find in my archive if you ever want to look for them. My feedback post is also located on my profile page for easy access.

Anyway because of the sudden move, this journal will be updated from now on. Rather than just having the 7 tabs just sit there as before. I've decided to change my username in the future to "SlothyShroom"or "ShroomySloth" Which do you think sounds better? This name  would be perfect with my collection site in question. I feel that "PurplePeepBits" is a name to use when relating to my art blog and sites.  Which you can still visit if you go to my profile page. And this is my Pokemon Only Journal, so I think the change is necessary. Just don't get confused when I suddenly change it in the future.

From now on I will be updating this journal often with progress shots of future plush work, pokemon drawings, sales, pkmn gets, special offers and sillyness.

So, to everyone who's kindly watching this journal, stay tuned. :D