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Yay! I'm back to plush making! And I'll probably be doing so all month long. I recently went to the Nintendo store in New York and bought a plethora of pokedolls. I told myself I wanted to recreate a few shiny variants. *NOTE I do not cut official poke dolls to get their patterns, I don't have the guts, I eyeball them and recreate the new pattern from scratch* 

ANYWAY, here is a cute shiny Cubchoo!


*Shiny Cubchoo Custom Pokedoll*
*6 inches Tall
*Embroidery Features
*Completely Hand Sewn (No Sewing Machine)

His head came out the right shape that I wanted but it is a wee bit bigger than the poke doll. Only a wee bit. I actually kinda like it more that way, its really squishy.

While studying the Pokedoll I had no idea the official had tiny paw prints! They are hidden behind the stitching! Such cute detail! Its almost a shame they are covered. I added the paw prints too! They're there. Don't worry.
 He also had a little hidden frown underneath his boogie. 

Here he is with a official Cubchoo pokedoll. 

He will be up for auction sometime this month along with two other shiny pokedolls I plan on creating! *Hopefully, I can get them done in time) If you want to check my Sewing Status Page please click the link!

More soon! Now time to draw a gallery piece. Bye bye!


Tags: plush work, pokedoll, shiny
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