November 28th, 2012

Purple Peep Bits

What a night......


It's been a week or so since my art show and I have yet to post the after math.  I'm still waiting on the professional photos to come in so please enjoy the ones my boyfriend, Zach did for me. <3 Once I get those I'll be sure to post more about it on my other sites. 

On all the days of the week, it rained pretty hard on the day of my show but it totally stopped an hour before it. So it wasn't TOO bad. I was freaking out throughout the prep time, I thought no one would show. It was just the limelight jitters getting the best of me. It felt like I was planning a wedding or something. XD

I got to draw on the windows of the shop. And no, I did not sneak a Slakoth in there.

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