Tara (slothyshroom) wrote,

Owie owie owie! I just got back from the dentist. I recently went a couple weeks back for a root canal and today I went to get the crown AND two fillings. ;3; I was literally there for about 5 hours. My body is exhausted. I need to go in tomorrow for the final cleaning and I'll be done for a GOOD LONG while. But the expenses were very high, about 1,000+ for all the appointments. Meaning, I gotta sell some plush and poke-goodies very very soon. At least I can chew again! 

Something that cheered me up when I got back were theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!!!!

MY BABIES!!!! ;A; 

Guys. This is HUGE. Guys, seriously. 
This is probably THE first time the Pokemon Center has ever released anything for my babies on their own. I totally knew they were going to use the DW art but I LOVE their dream world art. Oh god, these charms. I bought them from Gin and then right after bought them from Hardrock-Pokemon so I can have duplicates. I know, I'm greedy. But LOOK at them! I don't even know who I want to put on my 3DS or maybe I'll make necklaces or a bracelet. Guuuuuuuuh! I'll talk more about them when I physically have them. 

I also lazily made new banners for my website:

Yes, Emolga has earned its very own banner.

Okay, I go sleepy bye now, I'm still numb....zzzzzzzzzzz 

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