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Breloom Dead

Owie owie owie! I just got back from the dentist. I recently went a couple weeks back for a root canal and today I went to get the crown AND two fillings. ;3; I was literally there for about 5 hours. My body is exhausted. I need to go in tomorrow for the final cleaning and I'll be done for a GOOD LONG while. But the expenses were very high, about 1,000+ for all the appointments. Meaning, I gotta sell some plush and poke-goodies very very soon. At least I can chew again! 

Something that cheered me up when I got back were theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!!!!

MY BABIES!!!! ;A; 

Guys. This is HUGE. Guys, seriously. 
This is probably THE first time the Pokemon Center has ever released anything for my babies on their own. I totally knew they were going to use the DW art but I LOVE their dream world art. Oh god, these charms. I bought them from Gin and then right after bought them from Hardrock-Pokemon so I can have duplicates. I know, I'm greedy. But LOOK at them! I don't even know who I want to put on my 3DS or maybe I'll make necklaces or a bracelet. Guuuuuuuuh! I'll talk more about them when I physically have them. 

I also lazily made new banners for my website:

Yes, Emolga has earned its very own banner.

Okay, I go sleepy bye now, I'm still numb....zzzzzzzzzzz 


Oh my goodness I am due for my wisdom teeth to be removed.. I am dreading this so much. ;_;

That is a lot of dental work! Too many sweets for someone? ;)
I don't have the best luck with teeth either, I've probably had around 10-12 fillings over the years; very envious of those who have never have a cavity in their life.

Were your teeth bugging your bite? :o
Sucks you couldn't chew, I have a bit of a jaw problem after braces but it's been getting better since the braces came off and my teeth started shifting again. XD

Also congrats so hard on getting those charms! I know what it's like when the Pokemon Center never releases things for certain mons.. this time, all of them get some love. They are just beyond beautiful. ;o;
My roommates are due sometime this month for theirs too! I'm so glad I gotten them taken care of a couple years ago. Its an experience. Especially if you have some that are in the bone like I did. *shivers*

It is! Well, I haven't had any insurance in about 5+ years. 9w9 So when my Disney insurance kicked in, I darted to get whatever means necessary fixed. The root canal was something I expected, I saw the cavity and couldn't do anything about it. I just had to wait it out until my funds were better but it was too late. And the tooth I got filled today was my first cavity. I've never had one before this.

One cavity, a crown and a cleaning is pretty good for not having a check up in 5+ years. XD My friends who also work with me recently went and they have SO much damage. I feel lucky in comparison. And my bite is fine, it was just the tooth that needed the crown, I couldn't chew on it until today or else it would of broke from the pressure of eating. I'm scared about my teeth shifting. I STILL wear my retainers and they still fit, my sister stopped and now her teeth moved. I'm super cautious about those,

And thank you! I'm so stoked to get them! Did you purchase any charms? Was the slo-line lucky enough to get new poses? :D
Waaaah, all of us at this age, ugh. Yeah, the thing with dental care is that you need to get it taken care of asap or else it will either get worse or make other parts of your mouth ache.. whether it be shifting other teeth, jaw problems, etc.

Okay don't hurt me for saying this but I forgot that Americans didn't have medical insurance. ;_;
Wow.. I totally didn't realize it could be that bad; that sounds so expensive, but it's good that you got it all taken care of. :D

By the way, your teeth looked pristine when I met you.. I guess I'm just surprised at hearing about all the dental work you needed. Maybe those teeth were at the back? XD

My teeth have shifted a lot since I took out the retainer..I will probably need braces again, but my jaw was cracking and hurting so bad after they were "perfect" looking with the braces. Just seems like my teeth were happy but my jaw muscles weren't; I'm still trying to figure something out. I would hate to have super messy teeth again, but they're not quite too bad yet so I have time to decide.

You're welcome! I actually started taking a liking to many many psychic types recently.. I think I requested about 8 sets. ;_;
Slowpoke has a new adorable pose but the other ones did not. D:

Here's the old set:

And then the new one!

Just as you would know, it's not a bad thing having doubles. ;D
Almost tempted to get another new set though.. lol
Totally, I didn't care what needed to be done at that point. Yeah, it was hard not going in for annual check ups during those years, I just tried my best to take care of my teeth.

Hahah, thanks but you're right. It WAS all the back teeth. The very very back teeth. My roommates both were told they might need braces too. XD And we were having the exact same convo as you. They are still thinking about it and the dentist said if they don't get them soon it could cause damage to their gum and teeth in the future. So they're thinking about getting braces. For me, I'm sticking to my retainers until I get myself some permanent ones.

Wow! At least Slowpoke got a new pose. My crobat line were all old except Golbat which is odd. X-x Now I might have to find the johto set for it. But most of my pokeys are either in the 3rd, 4th and 5th gens so WHEEE all new poses! But I was lucky enough to get pokemon sets that ALL had old art, which is good for me because I didnt get any of their Johto sets. Hahaha. I even have the johto Lugia and was worried that he'd get the same pose but NOPE! Neeeeew! I bought about 18 sets. XDD

Btw, I have your website in my links, I think when you last checked I forgot to publish it. So I could see your banner but no one else could XDD