Tara (slothyshroom) wrote,

New Shiny Pokedoll! DONE!

~Custom Shiny Vanillite Pokedoll~
*Embroidery Details
*7 inches tall
*Completely Hand sewn (No Machine)

I thought this little ice cream would be easy but NOPE! XD He took just as long as any other plush I work on. When I saw him at the Nintendo store I was just drawn to him. He's not a pokemon I never knew I'd like but his pokedoll was SO cute I had to take a stab at him. Curse you pokedolls for making pokeys 100x cuter in this style.

Embroidery details, he has embroidery lines around his torso, they are just hard to see with his little collar covering them. 

Here's the two scoops. The shiny has a cream colored body but for some reason my camera washes that out. My shiny is an inch taller than the original. 

Here are my two shinys from my "Create shiny Nintendo Store Project" I didn't even realize that they were both ice types. x~x
This little guy will be up for auction as well as Cubchoo at the end of this month! 

Next on the list of Nintendo Store Pokes:

And two that I MAY or MAY NOT make for myself:

You can go onto my website in the Sewing Status section to keep updated with all the plush I'll be working on. I have been frequently updating it. 

Tags: cubchoo, plush work, shiny, vanillite
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