Tara (slothyshroom) wrote,

Yet another new pokedoll!

~Custom Shiny Drilbur Pokedoll~
*5 inches tall
*Embroidery Detail
*Hand Sewn ( No Machine )

He was quite time consuming, his claws took just as long as his body. They're pretty much count as three pokemon bodes since they're all around the same size in width. I love Drilbur's huge floppy claws, I think mine came out a tad bigger than the original. I don't know why that keeps happening. I make it a wee bit bigger thinking it will be normal. I don't want to make it smaller due to being scared it will be TOO small. X-x  He is a cutie pokedoll and I loved working on him. His nose was probably my favorite part to sew.

He has a cute litle embroidery smile under his nose. C:

And here you can see his tiny paw pads.

Here he is next to his normal colored counterpart. Eskimo kisses~

As you can see, they are totally bros. 

All three of my shiny pokemon so far for my "Nintendo Store Shiny Pokemon Project" Shiny Drilbur will be up for auction this month with Cubchoo and Vanillite. :D

Next on the list of Nintendo Store Pokes:

And two that I MAY or MAY NOT make for myself:

Thanks for looking! I hope people on my friends list are at least looking XD Hopefully, more soon! <3

Tags: cubchoo, drilbur, plush work, shiny, vanillite
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