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Shroomish Dance

Yet another new pokedoll!

~Custom Shiny Drilbur Pokedoll~
*5 inches tall
*Embroidery Detail
*Hand Sewn ( No Machine )

He was quite time consuming, his claws took just as long as his body. They're pretty much count as three pokemon bodes since they're all around the same size in width. I love Drilbur's huge floppy claws, I think mine came out a tad bigger than the original. I don't know why that keeps happening. I make it a wee bit bigger thinking it will be normal. I don't want to make it smaller due to being scared it will be TOO small. X-x  He is a cutie pokedoll and I loved working on him. His nose was probably my favorite part to sew.

He has a cute litle embroidery smile under his nose. C:

And here you can see his tiny paw pads.

Here he is next to his normal colored counterpart. Eskimo kisses~

As you can see, they are totally bros. 

All three of my shiny pokemon so far for my "Nintendo Store Shiny Pokemon Project" Shiny Drilbur will be up for auction this month with Cubchoo and Vanillite. :D

Next on the list of Nintendo Store Pokes:

And two that I MAY or MAY NOT make for myself:

Thanks for looking! I hope people on my friends list are at least looking XD Hopefully, more soon! <3


Yes I am, hehehehehehe. I want to get started on Audino maybe tomorrow. Victini I want to do also but I'm running out of white fabric and just want to make sure I have enough when making my mienshao twins.

And have you ever developed the pictures from our meet-up? I haven't seen them yet and I'd love to see them. :3
Holy cow! How long does it take per doll on average?
I'm just.. impressed at how hard you work.

Oh my goodness.. Mienshao must be your original design then? I'm so looking forward to that. :D

Ughghgh I actually have not! I've got THREE rolls of film waiting to be developed - I should really get that done asap. Not a lot of places develop film camera photos anymore, so I can't really view them until I get them taken care of this way. I might get lucky and have a nice photo student help me out with it at school though. XD
When I get them developed I'll message you asap!
Also if in the future you're up for a trade, I'm so interested. <3
They take me about a day and a half to get through but I do them non stop since I hate seeing my stuff incomplete. Trying to sleep while a plush head or body sit on my desk is pretty unsettling to me. XD It depends on the plush's complexity too.

And HOPEFULLY, my Mienshao should look like my icon but I have a feeling if I did make them I'd sell them in time and have Usakochan make me one. X0

And its cool! I totally forgot you took pictures with a camera that needed developing *face palm* I remember now. I bet they will look great when you do! I'm patient, so whenever you get to them is fine.

And a trade you say? Maaaaybe, I just need to see when my job starts up again before I make any promises, I don't want us to start only for me to start working and take forever to get to yours. <3
Oooh, so you actually do get breaks from work?
That sounds awesome.. if it weren't for school holding me back from doing the crafts I love, I would go for it every day. XD

I am totally the opposite from you in that way; I actually love seeing my work complete, but I am so incapable of disciplining myself to finish things on time (though I'm usually better about it when there's pressure, like with trades!).

Aww! Was that designed by Irene? :D
You and Usako should do a collab one day~

Yeah, film cameras are slowly becoming obsolete, along with public places that develop it. There are always photo studios where you can get that done and places at school but those aren't always as accessible for everyone.

Okay! Just get back to me on the trade - it was just something I thought of and thought I would ask; I wasn't really thinking of anytime soon, more like.. within a year or two. haha
I don't get breaks from work, we're just waiting for our show to be tested to see if we can come back lol If it doesn't I get to go back anyway to work on another pilot. I'm going back in a couple weeks so I'm taking this time to get as much plush making done as I can.

I'm usually better at making pokemon I want to make XD That's why I never do commissions, I don't want to not feel the project and make people wait on me to get it done. I do like pressure when making them though. I'm using a deadline for these now, trying to get them done before January's end so I can put them up for auction.

Nope, all of my pokedoll images are drawn by me. ^^ I made them when commissioning Usakochan for plush. I usually make her a turnaround of the whole plush. And Usakcohan and I are planning to do a trade sometime this year. :D I'm way excited for it.

Alright, thats fine. Whenever you get to them is fine. ^^ Take your time on them.

And sure! I'll be sure to tell you when I'm free to do one with you. I already have a couple under my belt I need to get to, they're just not pkmn related. :3 Yeah, sometime this year for sure.