Tara (slothyshroom) wrote,

One more pokedoll for this month! 

~Custom Shiny Audino Pokedoll~
*6 Inches
*Embroidery Features
*Hand Sewn ( No Machine )

Awww, Audino has such a cute pokedoll. Its a lot chubbier than an average pokedoll. So getting it the right chubby shape was a task. Doing swirls are ALWAYS a pain for me as they are always too small to turn them inside out. XD I got them to reverse after a good 10 minutes of poking and pushing. They look good on her once I got them on her. They vaguely remind me of Raichu's swirls. C: She is very squishy and very fluffy. :D

Both Audino's together. I love the shiny's pastel color pallet. ^-^
        Here are this month's bunch of shinies. I wanted to do five for this month but I'm having more dental work done tomorrow and knowing how that goes, I'll be in bed most of the week. So, shiny Victini will be set up with next month's line-up. I'm planning to do another set of 5 or MORE, if I'm lucky. ^-^ Be sure to look out on the comm for these little guys!


Tags: plush work, pokedoll audio, shiny
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