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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

First Official Plush update!~

I think its about time I finally post here now that everyone around the community seems to be used to my new username.

Since I'm still waiting for a few items to be mailed to me, I have to wait to reveal my collection site. Yet I want to post my "Plush under the needle" section here. This little section is located in my Sewing Status tab on my website.

These are the pokemon I'm currently working on and will be making in the future. My list often jumbles around as sometimes I just get sudden urges to do a random pokemon/plush.

*~+*Plush Under the Needle*~+*

50%             10%           10%

These are the plush I'm currently working on, all 3 are for item trades.
(I have an Item trade list on my site.
*I'll only make customs for anything on that list. More about this later.)

*~+*Plush Being Worked On*~+*

These guys are in no particular order, it really just depends on me. At first, I wanted to make the shiny buizel but ended up skipping him for another. And now I want to do Kecleon and I just added him today. XP I'm so indecisive and get too excited when it comes to plush making.

As everyone knows, I don't take commissions, I just make who I want and auction them. Its more fun for me that way lol

Here's a little sneak peek of something,  I will reveal it once I finish its partner:

Thanks to all the people who friended me! I hope you enjoy my future work in progress posts and art updates! :D




Oooooh I'm excited to see the full picture of the teaser! ;D

I see Tsuta and Miju on there again! Might I ask if you're making them in a different style? :'3
Oops, XD This is actually a little dated, if you noticed, all the ones on the top couple rows I've already made. So I actually need to remake this list with a new row. X3 I will fix once I figure out who to replace for that row. Thanks for pointing that out.

I'm not sure if I'll make any more of the starters, if I did it would probably be shiny forms. <3
Oh, okay! I know Jirachi-chan6 is still getting excited to help with the Shiny Jirachi Pokedoll and the Reshiram. And hey, I would love to see a custom Mijumaru shiny from you. I'd BIN in a heartbeat. ;D
omg...if and when u make that luxray plush i would so go after that!!
I feel like making a couple different styles for Luxray in the future. Now that I have the material. ;D
omg really?! that would be sooo awesome!! u should do a pokedoll first. :3
:D Yeah! I've been yearning to and might take a stab at a shiny plush <3
some how i knew u woul do one a shiny. i'm not one for a shiny luxray but maybe u might turn me on to a plush u'll make. XD
OMG!!!! a shiny lugia is coming soon???

*waits for the auction*

Ho-oh looks great from his teaser!