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Parappa Shock!

Blaaaaaah! Why u so hard to find in the US? Parappa items?! Why!? 

So apparently, the only "major" Parappa Plush from my want list is currently on Y!J ;3; 

This one:

I have the tiny beanie, the talky, the microphone one and even the 11 inch one the designer Rodney Greenblatt gave me himself! But not this one..... He's 15 inches and he talks! His starting bid is 1,500 and ends in less than a day and a half I think. 

The same seller is also auctioning this:

Oh god, whhhhhhhhy....? ;3; I just lost a massive bid war for the Parappa one on ebay. I just want to finish my collection of these giant vinyl figures and getting these dang clocks would really be nice! She ends in 3 days and her starting bid is 2,000.

Comment here and I can pm you the auction. 

I seriously need to figure out how to use this site on my own as I always feel like I'm bugging people for assistance....even when people lead me to the items or tell me if I need help themselves. I always still feel bad. I just haven't had the time to start up an account but I feel like I need someone to reeeeeally show me how to use one of these middleman face to face. You all know I have the money and will pay you the full amount up front and then some if need be! 

Anyone who is willing to help would be a saint. >~< 

I really want to start my own account soon since I heard Tokyo Disneyland has released an Exclusive Oswald Promotion at their park. FFFFFFF-


Well, I'm still here if you need me :) Since your washcloths haven't even arrived in the warehouse yet, let alone been shipped to me. Australian shipping though ;-; so consider me your absolute last option, like before!
I don't think I know anyone else who is willing atm, what do you think the grand estimate would be? I know their not wash cloths....gulp. So I'm expecting a high cost. But if its affordable, I'd totally want you to bid on them for me. <3
I was about to reply then noticed someone else has offered to help you out! Yay! Good luck with your auctions :3
I can help out if you want. If won, I think I can change the address and the items can be shipped straight to you.
Oh my goodness! :D That would be rad! Thanks hun, for getting to me! I'll pm ya the auctions. <3