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OMG! So the rumors were true!
Japan just released an Oswald promotion recently! AAAAAH!
I was "lucky" enough to come across all the plush items on ebay from this one Japanese seller. I was curious if he was going to get any other items from it and he said he'd get me anything that was still in stock! I got pretty much the whole promotion, all except the wallet, the stickers and the weird half shirt thing...I reeeeally wanted that jean jacket but $137 is a wee bit much.....I spent a little more than that getting everything else XD I'm so happy and grateful they were kind enough to do this. After I paid him he sent me these pictures of MORE new Oswald stuff they just put out....

GAAAAH! Kitchen wear! Those plates, those cups, apron, tote bag, awesome sketch plush blobs! AGH! Too awesome!
This is pretty much my version of the "Stunfisk" Promotion.
Every item you can think of for Oswald! BAM! Here you go, Tara. Everything just for you. ;3; He's so niiiiiice, I'll probably get the red mug, plates and the sketch blob plush.

I'm so excited to go back to work with all this cool Oswald swag to decorate my cube!
I also won these bad boys off Ebay:

These are designer shoes only available in France and Brazil. They go for hundred of dollars due to the designer associated with this Oswald item. I've never seen these shoes up for auction before let alone the ruby red ones. (Rare) There was a bid war at the end and I had a feeling I was going to lose, their was already 19 bids and it was getting pretty high but I woooon! Haha! And for less than I thought I'd have to pay.  I feel kinda nerdy about the whole thing but I'm totally going to wear these like a boss down the Disney Studio halls. Hahaha.

I'm working on a new job in April and I can't wait to talk about it! :D No more development, I'm going to be on staff! Which means people will actually see the thing I worked on. XD

And sorry for the non Pokemon related posts. This is pretty much my version of "My little Pony posts". 



The one plushie looks like the disney store plushie that I have. =o All the stuff is pretty cool even if i'm not into Oswald that much. If they made a lion king 2 promotion then i'd die though. XD
That's right. Its the same plush but I guess Japan didn't get it yet until this promotion. I bet Japan would do a Lion King promotion before the US lol

/comes out of lurking


It's just so cute ;~;

I dunno if you knew/cared about this, but this little pin just showed up at DLR a week or two ago

Re: /comes out of lurking

I found out that sketch plush is a "Canvas Cushion" :D Totally going to get one for my room!|
And I have heard about this pin! I usually go to Disneyland once a month at least but haven't had the time lately. I might have to wait until I start my new job and get my new silver pass for the park. I think my annual pass just expired this week. DX Hopefully I can find it at the park when I can eventually go.
...I think I just had an Oswald overdose.
This, this is just too awesome. *З*