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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

New plush! 
Can you guess which one it is?


This is for an  trade with Porcupine_paws, if you can't tell, her favorite pokemon is Nidorina. I never thought Id ever make a plush of her but seeing her in pokedoll style just made me want to. This plush is based on a Nidorina Pokedoll scupture porcupine made. Shes sorta complicated in detail but I wanted to get every one right. Shes 6 inches tall (not including her ears of course) Is made of minky, her mouth, teeth, eyes and nose are all hand embroidery stitched. As well as the entire plush being hand sewn. She is soooo incredibly soft, I can't stop petting her. OvO I hope you like it and I can't wait to see my Slakoth and shiny Breloom scuptures!

I think this will be the LAST time I do this type of trade as she left me exhausted after completion XD My poor index finger. I'll still be opened to item trades for customs, though.

Here are some more shots of this blue beauty!







I am SO close to finishing all my art commissions, including my trade with Caffwin, be sure to see a post from me on the community or here. I plan to get them up by the end of this week as next week I'm off on vacation.

Sparky and Chibisuke will be completed by the end of this week as well! Stay tuned! Hopefully, I remember to take WIP shots before I finish them completely XP



Those three do have something in common though. They all can't breed XD

8D She's perfect! I love her O3O Everything about her is just adorable. And her ears! *v*

I just need to paint the pupils of Slakoth's eyes. Also I forgot you decided on shiny Breloom ^^; so I'm going to have to paint over some parts, but that shouldn't take too long :D Then your Breloom and Zenity's could be rivals XD

I think I'll be able to ship out by Wednesday. But I'll be sure to send you pictures when they are finished (unfortunately with derpy!cam, but maybe he'll cooperate) and I'm ready to ship ^^

Thank you again so much for doing this trade <3
XD I just grabbed whatever pokedolls for size comparison.

OwO! Awwww! Yay! I'm soooo happy you like her! She took longer than I anticipated but she was so much fun to do. I can't wait to see her in your collection, please be sure to take some pictures for me X3 I always love seeing them once they get to their new owner.

Uh-oh! I thought I mentioned when I gave ya the photos that I wanted him shiny. D: Will the red toes underneath be noticeable in the paint? Hope not. I should of mentioned shiny when you did your post and before you painted them. XP

Yeah! Id love to see any pictures (Even derpcam pictures) of the sculptures!

And you probably know that I only asked for two sculptures because I wanted to get some extra dough *tough times right now* and was wondering how much you'd owe me for just the two sculptures?
I'll be sure to make a collection post when she arrives X3

Naw, two coats of the orange and the red didn't show through ^^ I might add an extra coat of the russet red so the green is nowhere near visible <3 And I'll add some shimmer to it so it really is "shiny." XD

Hmm, let's see. The figures are $10 each normally, and the total with shipping for the fabric was $23.34. So, does an even $10 or $15 sound fair? Please let me know ^^
Yay! Im excited to see your post. Im curious to see how awesome your nido line collection is. 83 Im currently making 2 more plush by the end of the week, so I'll probably send yours with theirs. :3

Cool, Im glad that it will be easily fixed with the extra coats, I wish that would work with plushies XD

Yeah! That sounds just fine! Im trying to move into a new place to be closer to the animation studios :D Every penny helps.

You can send it to nosleepjinx@hotmail.com. ^-^

Well, I recently got some new Nido gets, but my collection is still kinda small. I just got her Battle Museum and it's so cute ^^ But 'rina doesn't get too much merch ^^; But that's why I kinda collect the other two on the side, more Nidoqueen than Nidoran though XD My flats collection is coming along rather well too. 'Rina Pokedoll (I'm a name her Neela) will join me on my bed with the rest of my plush team ^^

Yes, I remember reading about you saving up for the move. I wish you luck in saving up the funds ^^

So $10 or $15 (or something in between)? Let me know and I'll send it right away <3
Aww, I love under appreciated pokemon, those collections are more special and I should know since I collect a couple. X3 Looking forward to seeing it never the less. Flats and customs are the only thing I could collect for my lines since I have all the figures and they don't have any official plush. ;-; I thought there was an official nidorina plush out there.

Thanks! I'm a little more than half way saved! Im so excite to get out there.

Something in between is fine with me ^-^ I guess we can go with $13?
Yup there is one Nidorina plush. It's American and is by Hasbro I think. I have it, and it's a little derpy ^^; But at least it's official, right? XD Herm, I'm still on the look out for the retsuden stamp though, I can't believe they made one for her :O


Sounds good! Payment Sent ^^
Oh. WOW.

I think this may be one of your best yet! I was honestly fooled for a second until I saw your username. Though I was hopeful. Very. Very hopeful that there was an official of her... ;;

Her paws are probably my favorite! So cute! C:

XD Yeah, she would be an awesome official pokedoll but very out of the blue. Still could be qualified as one, I mean, Grimer got one! D:< Seriously, he was random XD

Thanks! The paws were fun, I love sewing her little arm plates. ^-^
This is gorgeous! Each plush you do gets more amazing each time! Love the details and the little paws! Nicely done :D
Thank you! Its always nice to know Im improving with my plush! I hope to learn and get better!