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Breloom No!

Ugh, ever since the BW games I've been keeping something from you all..... something I thought I could avoid....I've been resisting......but
....I think I might like ANOTHER pokemon from the Unova region....
and it is a legendary....
lengendary's usually never pull my heart strings in past generations but I already like Reshiram and Victini to buy the dolls and kids for
...who else could there be?

Why u gotta be so cool!?
Uuuuuuugh, I was trying reeeeeally hard to resist him during the games. But I knew I liked him and his super awesome pink shiny. And the movie and new merch coming out isn't helping! 

Another reason that really really REALLY makes me like him is pretty obvious.

Virizion is pretty much the legendary version of Breloom. ;A;
Same colors, cream muzzle, red features and green fur!
UGH. And they're the only two pokemon that are both FIGHTING and GRASS!!!

Crap, I might cave....okay, okay. MAYBE I'll get the kid, the mpc, the zukan annnnnd the pokedoll. But nothing else!!!....I hope.