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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

Okay, okay, okay. I made a pony. People say I should and I really wanted to see if I could. I haven't seen very many episodes but I think my  favorite non mane six favs are Vinyl Scratch and Queen Chrysalis. I see everyone makes gigantic 24 inch plush but I have so much plush as it is and I bet a lot of other collectors do too so I decided to go with a MPC plush type of style. Should I do more? I don't know who's popular. I might make a few others to auction if people are interested. 


Chyrsalis is 9 1/2 inches tall not including her horn. She's made out of minky while her wings and crown are fleece. She has embroidery features on her face and horn. She's such a nice little desk buddy. I'm fond of her but feel I might sell her later down the line. If I were to get a few ponies it would be figures with plastic hair. 

This was a warm up before I start working on my plush trades. :D More soon!


:O Shocked! I didn't know you're starting to get into ponies now too. I thought you didn't like them at all. XD

I especially love the profile view of that plush!
I'm actually not really into the show or the toys. I don't think I'm gonna collect any, I just really like the style Faust and some of my other friends made for it. I respect its success and what they're trying to do, I only seen one and a half eps and its not really my cup of tea but I do have tons of friends who work on it and another who was in charge of that Pony Project thing here in LA. It was kinda neat seeing all the fans and being vip for it. It warmed me up to it a little more but not enough for me join the "herd" lol

Thanks! It was fun sewing something that wasn't a pokemon for a change. XD
Wow, I love the Queen Chrysalis plush you made! If you do decide to make more, I'd love to see you make Derpy...:3
Done annnnnnd done. c:
Cool beans, I can't wait to see her...:D