Tara (slothyshroom) wrote,


~Vinyl Scratch Mini Plush~
*Hand Sewn
*Embroidery Features
*6 Inches
*Glasses are Removable

Here's another!
I love her color scheme but her streaks take forever to sew together, so many pieces of hair! Her glasses are teeny tiny, I had to use gel pen for the streaks of shine going across them since embroidery would of been too difficult. It was really hard to figure out how to place both of her ears since her hair goes every which way but I like it even though one isn't visible in a few angles. 

Vinyl Scratch is probably my favorite pony. Its just her spiky hair, if only her hair was red and the fact that she's a bg character. I might not sell this one until I complete the others since I'm debating keeping her. 

Here's the duo together before Octavia gets shipped off. 

Tags: plush commission work
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