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Vigoroth Punchies

1.Working working working.

2.I can't wait until those fabrics come in. I already made the pattern for Quagsire. The pieces are just sitting here waiting to be sewn together.  :D

3.I'm so eager to post about my new pokemon gets...just a few more.....*U* I gotta be patient!

4. Is it just me or other people getting kinda annoyed by all the new posts on the community? I'm getting tired of of seeing the exact same 10 people post, only to show off one plush, a figure they just got or show off the same untouched sales post they had two days ago. :/ I scroll down the page in hopes for reaching unvisited sales but see the same people on the front page. It's just me right?

5. I should post more.

6.Working working working.


Yeah i've been seeing the same people post alot, and its often sales posts with items we've seen a billion times. X_X
Yes! THIS! lol i try not to post too often but when I do I make sure its ALL my collection I'm updating or ALL my current sales. Unless I spazzlingly do a GA or something which is an exception. They need to cool it and post once a day or a week lol haha
They are making the community become boring,sadly. :c
Just a tad but that will change once the June merch comes out. Yay! Something exciting. A lot of them are new and are probably just post happy right now lol I just hope it doesn't last too long.
I always wished that people would be able to spice up their posts a bit more.. sometimes I feel that maybe they just don't have the creativity to think of new things all the time, or just don't have a whole lot to talk about but feel like posting anyway?

There probably wouldn't be many posts on the community at all if we only kept it to people who could make an intriguing post though. That's why the ones that are exciting stand out (like yours! :D). But yeah, totally on the same page regarding the same sales banners over and over again without changing anything or rephotographing.. I've actually wondered about how many people click each time they do that or how much it works. Must be at least a little helpful if they keep doing it though? XD