Tara (slothyshroom) wrote,

~Quaqsire Plush~
*Hand Sewn 
*6 1/2 Inches tall
*Embroidery mouth
*Water proof cardboard mouth piece.

This is a long waaaaaaaay overdue plush trade for akeyma. She asked for a Quagsire plush but I looked at all the official plush of him and every one had the same face.

I made her wait so long for my half that I wanted to do something a little more detailed than a straight lined mouth. I've never seen an open mouth happy Quagsire. I knew it would be a challenge and I only experienced with open mouthed plush once before. 

I worked off this image. 

He can even do this pose as his arms are floppy. I love Quagsire myself and had one on my Johto team and its lame you never see happy/smiling Quagsire merch out there. I was trying to make him look like a Pokecen plush. :3 The mouth is constructed with a hard water proof piece of cardboard that I had to sew around the fabric. X-X I love the way it came out. You can tell his upper jaw sticks out. I hope you like it, Akeyma! I adore my mienshao and my other plush will be featured in my next collection update. 

It was nice to make a pokemon, since i haven't in awhile. Next up, Abra!


Tags: plush commission work
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