Tara (slothyshroom) wrote,

~Abra Pokedoll~
*Embroidery Featurs
*6 inches
*Hand Sewn


This is a custom Abra Pokedoll for Usakochan!!! :D She wanted an Abra. She had made me so many amazing plush in the past and I do admire all her time, effort and love she puts into each one. Plus, shes an all around awesome friend and I wanted to put just as much effort and time in her little Abra. ;3; I don't have a machine but I hope it still shows.

 I decided to go with the bright tannish yellow with a dark brown. I never knew how many different color variants of Abra there were. O-O His muzzle is a light yellow but some of my pictures show it as a cream due to the flash. Abra is a cutie! I had to give him big feet since they're so big compared to his arms. I hope that translated well in plush form. ^-^ It was really fun to embroider his face and making his tail was also fun. 

Here he is with all my Usakochan babies! (Well, the ones currently with me that is. ;3) He 6 inches in height but 5 without the ears.  He will miss his new friends. 

Again thanks so much for all my customs, Holly! I really hope you like him! I can't wait to see my newest babies. <3


Tags: plush commission work
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